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    look at this guy everyone


    -halo hopper

    -drop shotter


    tell me more

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    harlemscrippin wrote:


    My point is, if you are able to drop shop in a real life scenario, then fine, keep it in the game, but I would love to see somebody just slump to the floor, while aiming perfectly, shooting at the same time. I just think its a bit stupid.


    Yes its a game, yes I could adapt, but I just think the whole drop shotting is a bit unrealistic and isn't something that is really needed in the game


    Also, I wouldn't mind continuous shooting while kneeling down, its the point to where they drop flat to the floor. That should have some side affect like it would in real life

    NEWSFLASH: THIS WHOLE GAME IS UNREALISTIC... um, because it's a game... Just sayin'


    Again, if you don't like it play something else? I heard there was a US Army game that was more like RL. Hell, why don't you just go join the military if you want that "true gun style game-play?"

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    How dare he not stand still while you're shotting at him?

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    Most players think it's dumb because they can't or aren't doing it. Why don't you just take the time to learn how to do it? I knife just as fast as anyone who's running normal lay out. About the only time I lose a battle like that are from those, "WTFcommandolunge" times of the game.

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    Ah see there is your problem right there, it is a game. This is not meant to be a battle simulator. That is more of the BF3 area. Maybe check that one out if you want a more accurate battle. This is a arcade shooter with crazy fun stupid ****. Thats why i love it. You see money doesn't fly out of people when you get revenge in real life either. That is another example of this not being a simulator. People can't be this obtuse right? Surely just trolling right?

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    It's a bit of each really. It's not totally realistic, but there's obviously realism used as well.


    If they tried to make everything realistic (even Battlefield 3 isn't totally realistic), then people wouldn't want to play it most likely because it'd be too much work, too tedious, and so on. But if it were totally unrealistic, then we'd have Resistance 3 or something, lol.

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    My buddy won't stop using the Default layout just so he can panic knife people and in the long run that hurts him way worst than using tactical. I could create a massive montage of "I would have died just then if I didn't drop shot..." EVER SINGLE GAME


    Drop shotting is the difference between getting a pavelow or not getting one(as one example) as to that pavelow following up with 10-15 more kills. The panic knifer gets to win a CQC more often but won't make up for all those deaths they recieved because they didn't drop shot.


    If you wussies can't learn to use tactical layout and play like they do in MLG(ya know the kinds of people who are actually VERY good at the game) then continue with your sub-par KDR's, panic knifes and massive crying.


    that also has alot to do with my interenet. The majority of the time I'm seen first, and to have ANY chance of staying alive I better drop-shot.


    None of my MOAB's would have happened without drop-shotting...


    It doesn't make you a newbie/lowbie/bad player/cheater or anything else by drop shotting, it simple makes you a BETTER PLAYER. You want to get better? Learn to drop shot via button tactical. End of story.

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    The point is I don't hop all over the place because it would require me to contort my fingers.

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    While I do agree with you that there is some fundamental basis of realism for this game, there are thousands of things people will choose to complain about.  Hell, back in the day I thought Mortal Kombat was "realistic". I still understood that there were special moves and different tactics/combos you could use.  Same applies to this game. There are different things you can do differently to have a "leg up" on someone. Fortunately, there are also 1000 ways to counter their tactics. I'm not calling anyone out, but some people just need to be more...well, creative (for a lack of a better term). 


    Try not to be a sheep...try something different.

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    this is the same thing with quick scoping complaints, completely pointless.



    AIM DOWN...or better yet, aim stomache or chest and when they drop hey look you might get a head shot


    adapt and get better as a player

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