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Considering this game will be dead/ hacked in little more than a year, should we get the DLCs?


We know that older CoDs lack support, hence the reason why people say they are utter hackfests. Considering the fact MW3 will be probably be the same, is it even viable to get the DLCs or get CoD:Elite?


Personally, I'm a bit shared on this. It seems that now a days (see it wasn't like this back in the good days of CoD1 and Cod2!) CoDs only have a life expanctancy of little more than 1 year. We enjoy it, some hate it, but CoD is CoD. We play it for 12 months, get the DLCs which increases our interest in the game and then in november we move on to the next Call of duty developped by either Treyarch or IW+Sledgehammer+Raven. Even though we technically pay TWICE the amount of sum of the vanilla game, I still can understand and find interest in the multiple yearly DLCs that are released.


What do you think?