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couple ideas for more balance

few weapons stand out and i feel like it'd be easy to fix these issues with a couple tweaks



Type 95- ROF should be that of the M16 with the M16's damage multiplyers, 3 rounds make the kill, not 2



PP90,MP7- simply needs way more recoil which should be simple to update, make the weapon prof's worth using, kick is worthless on these weapons because you don't need it



Strickers ROF should be that of the USAS, less rounds on target will make the weapon more balanced with its counterparts



Dragunov-should be identical to its COD4 variant



make it so these weapons take much longer to bring out and make the reloads much longer, this will make using the pistols a much better alternative as a secondary



some will say that these weapons don't act like this in real life


well this is an arcade shooter and its not real life


just a few ideas to maybe balance it all out

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    Assault- wouldnt that just make the type p5 a m16..same rof and same damage


    SMG-i think MP7 needs more recoil and the pp90 needs a slight nerf in damage


    Striker should have its ROF capped but not by that much 9/10 my USAS dominates a striker user


    snipers- just need to not be so QS friendly


    MP-i think the weapon speeds are ine


    just my outlook

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      i hear ya


      i was just trying to make it so the game had more balance


      sure the Type 95 would be the same as the M16 but plenty of people would use it for its dead on accuracy and some people prefer 3 round burst


      right now if you wanna be competitive the Type 95 wins 9/10 time against all other AR's the ACR would be the next best


      the SMG ideas are spot on but i think the pp90's damage is fine but its ROF could be capped instead, right now you would have to RF an MP5 to even match the stock pp90's ROF, no balance


      any ROF nerf to the stricker would be praised i feel


      i guess we could leave quick scoping, take aim assist of the sniper rifles and boom fixed

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    Both you and the poster below have some valid ideas about how to help.


    I can completely agree about the MP's especially when they are akimboed, then ready even faster than when single.


    Either reduce the striker or increase the aa-12 a little. Being a full auto it should fire faster than a semi should.


    I can agree that those two smgs do need more recoil on them. the mp7 is just so accurate that even a average player like me can easily do well with it. I am actully cosidering unlocking it next prestige because of that fact.


    I like the dragunov as it is, takes more ability to use than its counterparts do.