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Is the MW3 art team really that lazy


Are they really serious with these new prestige symbols. The tenth rendered gold without the cross and then roman numerals to distinguish 11-15. I could find thousands of people who would be willing to make 5 new symbols new problem. Yet the art team couldnt take more then 5 min of thought into making them.  This just shows how lazy everyone(SH/BH/IW) was in the overall creation of MW3. You devs clearly have no shame anymore. Its pretty sad.

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    You were expecting something completely fresh and new and unique? Are you really that foolish and gullible?

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    Just look at the rest of the game. 


    Can't even be bothered to change the fonts.

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    what do you expect for a quick fix because all these kids think that racing to the end is where it's at...  then get mad because they raced and now are stuck with their thumbs up their arses...  we didn't need 11-15 in the first place...

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    Theyre lame.I'll live.

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    You know I equate this game on a whole as a failure, even though I enjoyed the Call Of Duty series with friends that were allways ready to play, and get full parties going, and have people waiting to join your parties are over. Trying to play god with the lag assist ,not incorperating the new maps into all the game modes, and taking away hardcore games for  the hardcore gamers has really divided everyone. Its like a trailor for a big movie they give you all the best things upfront but dont tell you how they are going to put it together until its to late and your stuck sitting thru a terrible movie. I bought the elite package myself based on the excitement of the dlc for 9 months asuming it would be done differently and have been disappointed. You live and learn and I have not even bothered to download the new map because on hardcore all we have is the moshpit and less than 2 to 5 thousand players are actually in there so why bother. All the ideas before the game was released, I thought were solid and the changes they made would be good for clans and good matches but they got to cute on the control issue of the host migration, and lag assist, and big heads on the elite which is worthless when you take away hardcore hq and ctf. Im in a clan that played those 2 modes so we play hc kc if we do play and go back to blk ops to play our clan battles. What it boils down to we can ***** and complain on here all we want, its falling on deaf ears and it will be a long year until the next COD game, that I will be more cautious before spending my money.