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Objective-playing clan recruiting(FqY3)


Ok, I payed for elite premium, and set up my own clan, but as of now, nobody has joined. Now, if anybody wants to join, just say. I don't care about your K/D, your W/L. Hell, I dont even care whether or not you have premium. I just want some dudes to play with. The only requirement is that you play the objective to some degree. I like objective game modes, so if you dont, joining another clan may benefit you more. Right now, the best thing I could get is objective pursuers, and non-aggressive defenders(I think the idiots and trolls call it camping-I call it team play). Although it may seem impossible to be bad at camping, but I am. Anyway, just look up FqY3 in the clan section, post a comment, and you will have a clan very quickly. Alternately, post your elite name in the comments, and Ill do the hard work for you. Also, as a note, we(I) are(am) not particularly serious about the game, and play to have fun. That is preferable with candidates.