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Persistent NAT Strict (can't join any game), tried everything.


Soooo yeah, my NAT type remains strict, even after opening ALL my ports in my router, setting UPnP on and off, disabling and enabling ESET Smart Security, disabling and enabling Windows Firewall, allowing MW3 in these 2 firewalls, and trying *ALL* different combinations of *ALL* of these things. There is nothing between my precious PC and the world wide webz, and still my NAT remains strict (yes I reboot MW3 after every change).


My PC has a static IP ( and all the ports needed for MW3 are forwarded. See the following 2 screenshots:




I tried UPnP both enabled and disabled:



I disabled and enabled the Firewall of my router as well:



I also tried "Filter Internet NAT redirection", though I have no clue what that does.


*NOTHING* works. The only thing that sometimes works is setting my routers DMZ to my local IP, but that immediately gives me 20 port-scanning attacks and 3 hacker intrusions, so that's not a permanent solution either. Any suggestions?