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Spawn points

To whom it may concern,

Since your little update, you have absolutely and unequivocally destroyed the spawn point especially for demolition. For instance, if I am defending bomb A on Dome and kill someone and move to the top of the stairs, within 3-4 seconds, said player will spawn behind me at the bottom of the stairs, EVERY TIME. This has happened multiple times. Further, I have been spawned multiple times into firefights without so much as a chance to ready my weapon. Smarter spawn points huh? Put the spawns back to how they were. They were perfect. Oh and as for the team balancing now.... that’s a crock. If you are ranked too high in a game type you are almost certain to be put on a crappy team. And I'm not talking going 15 and 25 and planting the bomb and defusing once. I’m talking 2-35 and not even knowing where the bomb is. Figure this crap out. This has been THE WORST UPDATE that I can remember and I have held on since the original MW.


A disgruntled 360 Demolition player