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LoL at GB Rules.

Im Sorry but MOST of these are crazy to be banned.


  • Banned Weapons

    • All Launchers

    • All Shotguns

    • Riot Shield

  • Banned Lethals

    • Bouncing Betty

    • Claymore

    • C4


  • Banned Tacticals

    • Scrambler

    • Trophy System

    • Tactical Insertion

    • Portable Radar


  • Banned Attachments

    • Heartbeat Sensor

    • Grenade Launcher

    • Shotgun

    • Akimbo

    • Rapid Fire

  • Banned Proficiencies

    • Attachments (Double Attachments are not Allowed)


  • Banned Perks

    • Blast Shield

    • Overkill

    • Recon

They also take out all Kill Streaks/Speacialst Streaks. And there is also a Spawn delay in Dom and Demo.\


Like if you think that some of these should not be banned. Post Thoughts Please.

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    thats MLG variant rules bro, its always been that way...if u dont play variant then u can chose whether most of that is allowed or not

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    Sounds like how its suppose to be. Its suppose to be a gun v gun and down to the basics like we were back in cod 4. Though most of the list wouldnt make a difference cause even if they were allowed noone would use them.

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    Akimbo yes. Don't see anything else wrong with other stuff a

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    Like thisguygotch said, its back to the basics of how cod4 should be. I love gamebattle rules and wish theyd make a MLG playlist with these rules set. Then i wouldnt rage about bullshit, no skill kills.

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    These rules are stupid IMO. The only 2 things I think that should be banned are the Akimbo's and the GL's.everything else is just stupid and the people that run it are cry babies that get beat by these im guessing or how does these rules get made up. No reason to take how to play the game out of it. I use blast shield a lot cuz of all the explosives EXP in Dom/Demo. And Overkill... really thats all gun nothing special there and its banned .. even tho I dont use it I still think its retarded to ban.

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    idk man..its just gb rules man...its all about making the playing ground as even as possible

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    Almost every class I have would qualify. Also I don't see the big deal about GB. They're mostly tryhards that take CoD so seriously. I've played against some of them and they b*tch more than people on this forum

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      lol agreed..and they think they are the coolest..

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      Yeah Ive come across some GB practices in pub lobbies before in Blops. They had a full 6 and they were talking so much crap as most of my party had 3 + kds. They thought the min things didnt go our way we'd leave. I assured them we wouldnt and look forward to us smashing them. It was dom in havana. They started on the good side and had us trapped on the side with the flag pole. Or so they thought. We just ran through them and capped their home flag and capped B leaving them to take the crap flag. We pounded them for the remaining of the match before they called us Pub star scrubs. I mentioned Id rather be the pub star than the scrub GB team that cant win in a pub lobby.They stayed for a few more beatings like if they won 1 out of 10 games they were better.

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        I wasn't too impressed with them. Sure they got some skills, more than the average player. But most of their success comes from being in a party that plays well together. All it takes though is a little resistance and it's all over for them.