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  • 10. Re: "REMOVE QUICKSCOPING" Really?

    no and i wouldnt try it either i hate sniping full stop i hate cheapscopers, trickshotter and even people who choose to snipe properly or hardscoping as ive heard it called

  • 11. Re: "REMOVE QUICKSCOPING!!!!" Really???.......

    I have noticed a small difference since I turned it of so... Its your word against mine. I agree with most of the rest of your post.

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    casperthegamer wrote:


    Second, the Thermal MSR quickfailer missed 3-4 times on the target right in front of him.


    That's kind of the point... is that he didn't even see me nor was he shooting at me. He was still trying to hit the first guy he missed half a dozen times.


    Also, if you couldn't tell, I got stuck between the concrete and the teammate... hence my not moving forward...

  • 13. Re: "REMOVE QUICKSCOPING" Really?

    I fail to understand how this video proofs your percentages. Do you think this guy on the clip failed at having luck, or maybe aim assist let him down? It possibly could not mean that qs requires some skill and he failed to have it in that particular moment?

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    I had a 1.85 kd when I was sniping only. I was going for clips. Lost 95% of them due to memory loss 9 and said F it. Starting using the ars and shoot my kd to over 2 in no time. Snipers are not op.


    If you say youve never done it then pick it up play aggressive and post your scores, Upload a short vid of you going ham with it also.

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    You cannot turn off Aim Asssist.


    But having said that, quick scoping is not 100% about aim assist either.


    It is all (bad) game mechanics:


    - If you shoot just before you fully scope in to a fine-cross hair, your shot will go in the cross-hairs that are closing in.  So the "skill" is being able to line up your shot properly, and hoping your target does not move laterally.

    - Hit boxes in the game are flat stupid (see Anthos77's latest "as he sees it" for an example). You can somehow hit people without actually hitting them.

    - Quickdraw (or how SOH used to work in previous MWx): this is what makes it doable and effective. Think about how much harder it was to do it in Blops (not impossble, but by definition you could not quick scope effectively)


    I (personally) do not have too much of an issue with Qscoping. I do have an issue with idiots who cost others the match by not properly lining up a shot when they could have; trick shots; etc...


    The only situation that does bug me is:

    You are beating someone in a gun fight (you have an AR or SMG), and are about to put that last bullet in him/her when they turn around and OHK you (if no quickdraw... you would have won)


    But this is solved by playing HC... I barely see anyone wasting their time with Qscoping in HC because in the situation above... they were already dead.

  • 16. Re: "REMOVE QUICKSCOPING!!!!" Really???.......

    I agree with most of what you're saying. People should play more HC if they don't want to run into quickscoping.

  • 17. Re: "REMOVE QUICKSCOPING!!!!" Really???.......

    Quickscoping shouldn't have returned.  The reason why quickscoping was gimped in Black Ops, was because it upsets the balance of sniper rifles.  Long range weapons, with disadvantages at closer ranges.


    Shotguns are balanced, because they have close range power, while longer ranged shots are either weak or non-existent.  If shotguns were able to snipe someone half way across the world, that balance is thrown out of the window.


    Lastly, defending the act of quickscoping, cannot be justified by saying it takes skill.  The only reason why quickscoping in in MW3, is because Infinity Ward needed to kiss and make up for their mistakes in MW2, and/or overshadow Black Ops (which failed, due to the sales we saw in January).




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    casperthegamer wrote:


    First off I will admit that I quickscope. But I quickscope with my sensitivity on 10, so my quickscoping takes some skill. The few quickscopers that can really be succesful in this LAG filled game, I give them Props.


    Seriously though, 1-5% percent of people quickscope in TDM, DOM, KC, and other modes. The people that pull this off are skilled, if they miss their first shot, you should be easily able to kill them afterwards.


    The high-pitched kids that try to quickscope never are good, so just find a way to deal with them or join another lobby. Simple as that.


    Yeah... you're a 1337 God and we should all bow to your ability to exploit the game.






    Good grief.

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    QS need to taken out of the game. Any one that QS has no skills.

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