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What we think of Infected?

What do you think of infected? Do you like it the way it is? or do you think it has so much potential to be a good game like many other people I spoke to? The first day I played the game I liked it only because I didn't understand it fully until I played it enough. Now it's plain boring although I still remain to play it but for how long in its current state?


What I would like to suggest is to take the mini map out and especially the uav towards the end. 


Have infected where it has a separate ranking system. The application or reason is when you get infected you will die and respawn more and that's a good thing to get the other players infected so, have a seperate k/d for players that are survivors and players that are infected or no k/d at all for infected.


Make more games that are infected in the playlist


Have an infected game without throwing knifes and in it's place have the riot sheild.




Have create a class for infected game mode. I like this more because the choice to be able to choose which weapons we get should be ours.



Larger maps with more places to climb and hide.



No death barriers


Infected reminds me of hide and seek. I see the potential this game mode has so, anybody with me? Please add your suggestions. All comments are welcome. I just don't know anybody yet that likes it 100% the way it is.

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    I like it a lot, nice change of pace from the usual stuff, and uberfun with a lot of people who know how to laugh.


    Minimap and UAV can stay, makes it so that one guy can't hide [or be AFK] forever


    The only thing I would like is for the atmosphere to be creepier. Combat Arms Infection had their infected looked like zombies, mostly because they were zombies, and the maps were bloody with creepy music.


    Something like that would make it better, but as far as gameplay goes, I say it's fine.

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      I guess thats why they added core and hardcore but I for one would like a game mode where we could hide and it wouldn't matter.


      Thats the fun of it trying to find the other players that are not infected or trying to stay away from being infected or defending an area to not get infected...


      why should you get a map to tell you where your teammates are at before you get infected and when you do get infected just go infect them and the uav with knifes seems a little to easy in my book and would like it different. If you can survive without anybody infecting you or finding you should be how you win not the easy way it is now but


      If that's what you like I'm glad you found a playlist you like but for me and others I spoke to think different.


      I hope they add another infection game like hardcore infection without mini map and uav.


      And it wouldn't be forever because are the games now forever (unlimited time) no. They would have a time limit and hopefully with longer time the bigger the map is.


      I like that creepier atmosphere with music idea though but the I think different on the gameplay for infected.

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         I actually enjoy the Infected playlist a lot. Probably one of the only things I play if my friends aren't on. Granted, I wish they'd add in new maps, or start a cycle of new maps. As well as rotate the weapons a bit.
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    Don't see the fun in the game mode.


    Tried out Infected yesterday & noticed the first player starting off as infected would leave the game or players go infected, they leave.


    Also keeping the MOAB in the game type was pure stupidity from the devs.


    Not my type of game mode to be honest, I'll just stick to Domination & Kill Confirmed.

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      Maybe you got in a messed up lobby. but if somebody backs out that's infected somebody else becomes infected. That has not been a problem with me while playing infected but I feel bad for ya because it's a good game with great potential. or maybe it's just not your cup of tea only you know   


      The MOAB doesn't bother me they can keep that in game. I don't see an issue with it.  It's not like MW2 when it happens.

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        I love infected. My wife doesn't care for COD, but loves to watch me play infected, quite fun. Here's some of my suggestions:


        1.They need to stop killing us when you get in the high spots/trick spots.

        2. fix the throwing knives. maybe like don't add in throwing knives until like the last minute or two. I don't mind the throwing knives but calm them down until the end of the match when there's only a couple of minutes left.

        3. Also when it's like 1 vs 17 and the time is ticking down. They need to basically give that 1 person super powers if they don't kill anyone after like 1 minute or if they die like 5-10 times w/out killing anyone. It needs to be 2 people to start the war!

        4. Keep the MOAB, doesn't hurt anything

        5. Keep UAV when it's 1 person, but if you have killed 7-8 people and have specialist on you now have Assasin and it doesn't show you. You've earned the right to hide since you've killed 8 people to stay alive.


        I think this would make infection a lot better.