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[]HD[] - Putting Together A Team (XBOX360)

Hello MW3 Community.


I am looking at putting togther a MW3 team. I am looking for a small group of players who really enjoy playing HARDCORE SEARCH AND DESTROY. The few members on our team now really enjoy that particular game mode as our primary choice of game mode, however we do mix it up and play others. I play just about everyday whenever I have a chance and are looking for players who enjoy playing MW3. We are casual and yet competitive gamers. We all like to have fun and take down our opponents.


I have created a team website located at http://hd.net16.net/ and would like to get this thing going. In ELITE, we are only at level 4 so anyone who is looking to join a fresh group and want to reap all the benefits of leveling up can participate. You do not have to deposit you 500xp points if you no longer have them.


However, I do respectfully ask that you meet these few requirements to join.


-We are looking for gamers at least 17 years or older. We like to have fun and enjoy playing, but at the same time, we do like maturity. If you are under this age, we have no problem you joining as long as you are mature.


-You are subscribed to Call of Duty ELITE. Yeah, I know it hasn't been the beast we all thought it was, but we want all gamers to have full access to all maps. No one wants to be stuck playing just old maps cause one person hasn't purchased the maps. Also, as a team that is looking to compete in CLAN OPERATIONS, only ELITE members stats and performances are tracked to compete and earn badges.


-You are an active MW3 player. We don't asked that you commit all your gaming time to MW3, but we do ask that you play regularly and be active with the team.


-You enjoy playing HARDCORE SEARCH AND DESTROY. Again, this is our primary game mode, but we do play other game types. Especially whatever game type is required for CLAN OPERATIONS.


-We simply want fun gamers to play with. We don't want any racism, hate, or any kinds of negative influences. We are here to have fun.


This is all that we ask. If you are fine with the above mentioned requirements, I personally extend an invitation to you and would like nothing more than to game with you. We all are personally tired of playing in random nubs who don't communicate or don't know who to play certain game types cause all they know is kill. (Unless it is team deathmatch of course.)


If you are interested and want to be part of something special, just leave your gamertag below, send me a message via xbox live @ ELITE FRANCH1SE (thats the number one in FRANCH1SE) or you can e-mail me at elitefranch1se.hd@gmail.com.


Look to hear from some of you guys! Again, check us at http://hd.net16.net/