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GTD Recruiting (DOM Clan/ COD Elite Clan)

GTD is now recruiting. If you want a clan with a friendly environment that plays to win but is also not afraid to have fun then look no further. We have 20+ members and we are growing everyday. We primarily play on xbox but we may decide to branch off into other systems in the future. We take Premium Members and non Premium members in our clan. And if you are a founder we won't rip you off. We have a Gamebattles team and we also play in tournaments. We plan on signing up and playing in every Clan op.At this moment our Forums are under construction and we hope to unveil them in the coming weeks. K/d is not a factor in our clan. We care about your W/L and how you can fit in with the team. Communication is key in our clan. The only requirements for joining are the following:


Must Be 16yrs of age or older (exceptions can be made based on maturity.)

Must Have a Mic.

Must be willing to participate in Clan Ops/Clan Nights.

Name Change is Not Required.


If you have any questions let me know in the comments or send me a message or Friend Request over Xbox Live ( GT: GTD Zeus) and we can discuss the clan in more detail. Thanks for your Consideration