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Looking For an Xbox 360 Clan?? Grapesoda Is Taking Everyone!!

Attention fellow gamers and sex machines.

Looking for a clan?? Well GRAPESODA is on the hunt and looking for members, we are an Australian based clan on Xbox 360 and are a very active bunch of guys and girls, K/D ratios aren't overly important (even though we all roll positive KDs), we are just looking to link up with people interested in having fun and taking the piss out of 10 year old crackers whatever chance we get. Don't get me wrong we are very competitive, have sessions daily and aim to win every game we play, we just aren't going to make you change your Gamertag or put you up to 501 lame tryouts and challenges. We aren't the second coming of the Nazis like some of those other douche clans.

We are happy to take anyone on board as we are aiming to build a tight relationship within the gaming community (while still ripping little wise *** kids to pieces of course). We aren't class or weapon specific, you don't need to be able to pull off a 1080 quickscope while singing Motley Crue covers and eating a sandwich, you just need to enjoy a laugh and love playing MW3.

Creatures from all walks of life, freaks, geeks, virgins, nymphos, young and old. We don't care we will welcome you all.

Hell we even got a Facebook page!!


Enlist with GRAPESODA today, to ensure your future tomorrow.