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Zombies/ COD clan PS3

Hey, i like to play zombies and online on both mw3 and black ops. if you need or want to start a clan dont hesitate to add me on psn- peeweeJ ... Thanks

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    Hey man you should really consider joining my clan then. We play zombies and survival but mainly zombies. We only let good people join. So if you have a mic and have over round 25 on 6/10 maps then you  should go to http://zombiesurvivalistsociety.com. and then make an account and then post in the new members section. thanks and hope to see you around.

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    I love zombs.  Play it regularly on weekdays and some weekends.  When are you on?


    What are your high rounds??



    Kino: 42

    Five: 30 something

    Arcade: 32

    Ascension: 42

    Shangri-La: 42, I think

    Call of the Dead: 36

    Moon: 54


    I believe I am an above average player and always have time for a good match of zombs.  My PSN id is the same as my username here.