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Ps3 IcEy Recruitng!

Hello all, We are clan IcEy we are currently looking for premium members that will be able to compete in Clan Operations.


IcEy is a Call of duty: Modern Warfare 3 team whose players are very dedicated in what they do. Team IcEy players are very competitive and love what they do. In which they call "Pooping on kids". When you get pooped on by team IcEy they make you run crying to your mother while your dazed still wonder what the hell happened.


We are a very organized clan looking for the best of players so we are currently recruiting people with k/d's over 1.20 if little above that hit me up anyways we will discuss.

We have our own facebook profile which is:http://www.facebook.com/pages/IcEy/223619857657619. Where you will be able to post up your own photos, and clips etc.


Please either PM me on here or Hit me up at PSN: Amorganskate Or Clan Leader PSN: Freak_sk1llz23

Thank you hope you have a nice day.