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The Type 95 Needs a Nerf


This is coming from a Competitive point of view.


   To be honest, I don't think that it is that Over Powered. The reason the T95 needs a nerf is because it is too good up-close. It has a damage of 55, which means that it is a 2 shot kill up-close. But at Range, it has a damage of 20 (5 shot kill).

   So it is pretty balanced at range, but up-close it's unstoppable.


Link to Weapon Statistics Chart: https://p.twimg.com/Akcsw3NCMAEQe4c.jpg

(Sorry it's a bit small)


   You will find that in most tournaments the Type 95 is banned, which forces everyone who's a Slayer to use the ACR. Which is a good gun but the hipfire and firerate can't compete with the SMGs. Teams are now starting to run 3 SMGs and 1 ACR, basically abusing the fact that the ACR can't win a gunfight up-close.

   Now this causes the game to be unbalanced and teams are able to win games without having to use very much strategy at all.

    Here's their strategy:

  • 3 SMGs
  • 1 ACR
  • Have the 3 SMG's constantly push and force gunfights. (Overrun people using the ACR)
  • Have the ACR sit in spawn and hold down your flag until your teammates pull the enemy flag, then the ACR gets the cut-off by sitting in spawn making sure the enemy doesn't get into your base.


   This is strategy, but only works because the Type 95 is banned. (If IW and SHGames nerf it, who knows, it might get unbanned!)


   I want the ACR and the Type 95 to be balanced out so both can be used. And if they get balanced, more strategy can be developed and the game will take more skill.


   Strategy > Gunskill