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The next CoD needs Co-op Campaign!

Come on, WaW had Co-op Campaign for most missions, it's one of the big things that many CoD games are missing and it would make playing on Veteran a whole lot more fun instead of just a frustrating grind! It should definitely be 4-player and not just 2-player, seriously I don't get why Spec Ops is only 2-player that's lame and part of the reason I've barely touched it in MW3. It's good, but with only 2 people it gets old fast. Part of the reason WaW/Black Ops Zombies and Gears Of War Horde are so fun is because you can have 4-5 players having a blast together...oh yeah and one more thing....


THE NEXT CoD NEEDS TO BE A WaW REMAKE!!!!! (or they could always, ya know, get rid of hackers in the original.)