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What would you like to see in Black Ops2?

I don't know where to put this, so I decided to put it here in the previous 3arc game. Let me start off by saying sorry if I had posted in the wrong place. I personally would like to see quickscoping be harder to do (possibly by making SoH pro/quickdraw etc on snipers useless). I would also like to see ghost and related perks be tweeked. I never had a problem with ghost other than the people who hide in corners, and I may have a solution. Make it so that ghost will show you up on radar 2 seconds ago. For example, during the radar sweep, you will still appear as a red dot, but where you were 2 seconds ago, so people who don't camp will not be punished, and those that do, will. I would also like to see the knife fixed. Make it something you have to pull out. The amount of times I have been knifed the instant I passed a corner is fairly high. I want the guns to take longer to kill too. That would be great, because it makes it so that you have to think about what you do, unlike in MW3 where you can just run around and kill. Lastly, no deathstreaks/lag compensation. Don't punish the people with good internet, or the ones who are doing good. Maybe make it so that lower levels will have their own playlist so they will not have to play with the CoD veterans the instant they first play CoD, like in WaW.

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    Bro simple, Don't change the formula black ops has just tweak it to keep people happy, another epic campaign wouldn't go a miss. Some new kill streaks/guns for MP and of course do some AWESOME **** with our beloved zombies. I for one, am looking foward to treyarchs next call of duty game cos judging by MW3 they are clearly leading the pack in the call of duty series/franchise

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    I think they should keep going in their own direction, and not give in to the Modern Warfare fanboys.  Not to say that I don't like MW2 or MW3 (which has been out for three months now), because I do... a lot, but a LOT of the "Hardcore Modern Warfare Players" claim to absolutely HATE Black Ops.  I just think they don't like change.  That's what I love the most about Black Ops; It had a LOT of changes from MW1 and MW2, and I personally liked them even though a lot of people didn't. 


    As long as they don't bring back Juggernaut and Stopping power from older games, and don't use some of the useless perks that MW3 came up with...  I mean, I really can't think of anything specific I'd like to see...  Maybe some more "secret" or "prototype" weapons like the ballistic knife and crossbow.  Obviously some new killstreaks.  Please God, no AC130s, Reapers, Pavelows, etc.  Keep it mainly about the guns.  I do like the gun profiencies that MW3 introduced (except Range and Damage profiencies for the Shotguns.  Come on, Really???


    I definitely liked the graphics... So either the same engine or an updated one.  Just please don't use IW's....  it's so outdated.


    Maybe some more interactive maps (like opening and closing launch doors, elevators, etc.).  I was so disappointed when MW3 (MW2.5) didn't have anything like that.  I also liked that Black Ops didn't let your killstreaks get you more killstreaks.  Made it much more fair IMO.


    It would be cool if they used SOME of the MW3 ideas, like letting each class have its own killstreak stack, and maybe even the "Pointstreak" system instead of just "Killstreaks."  That way you can still be rewarded by capturing objectives if you're more of an objective based player.


    Basically, I would just like them to keep it simple like they did in Black Ops.  It just seems to me that IW just keeps trying to out do themselves, and it just seems to rushed.  Anyway, point is, Black Ops was and is amazing, and as long as they keep heading in the direction they seem to be going, the next one from 3arc will be even better. 


    Here's hoping.

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    They really need to improve balance overall. BO is boring and unbalanced.


    Weapon balance needs much improvement. I could go on forever on this but I don't think I need to. How hard could it be to balance weapons!?


    Perks. Too many useless perks in BO. Half of them were too specialized and useless compared to others in the category.

    Ninja pro + motion sensor + headset = never die. This was absolutely 100% a terrible idea.


    BO catered to the campy, AR using K/D conscience try hards. The whole game was a counter to the run and gun playstyle. Weak SMGs, OP ARs, ninja pro and marathon in the same category, steady aim and SOH in the same category. motion sensors, blah blah etc. If you run around the map either you will be soundwhored, or detected on motion sensor.


    Honestly there is so much wrong with BO that its not even worth working from. They need to redo everything.

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    Keep the same formula, we dont want lot of changes! customisation was awesome... hmm focus on the guns and maps more than killstreaks and perks... Guns were a bit unbalanced but not that much... famas was a bit overpower.



    My ideas:

    -Keep the same nades damage.


    -Unlock everything for the Lans and not for private matches!


    -Gungames, stick and stones, one in the chamber were cool, keep it and add more maybe?
    (Old school mode from cod4 was awesome for private match hehe)


    -Keep making at least one small map for the 1 on 1


    -Do not make machine pistols or shot guns as secondaries it would ruin the game.


    -Keep caring about all kind of gamers, pubstars, quick scopers, competition peoples (MLG) etc.



    -The only thing you guys should keep from mw3 is that when you lag out in a game, this game still appears in theater mode. Dont keep anything else please xD.


    -Black ops was awesome, take your time to do the second one, real gamers dont care of waiting for a good game to come out, so dont make it worst like it happened for mw3...



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    ALL of mw3 killstreaks including MOAB all black ops killstreak more contrllable killstreaks , zombie map packs as loyalty package and COD NEEEDS WAY MORE WEAPONS and the money thing is stupid we should earn gun and the money should be used to buy like  camo only

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    Black ops has great graphics.I think they look much smoother then mw games.And I have been playing cod since cod 1 on the pc back from 2002.I know for a fact bo is the best in the series.

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    The game Idea's in Black Ops are pretty much bang on IMO - my ideas.


    I like the 'money' idea for buying guns, attachments, etc maybe allow camo personalisation I know this could open a can of worms but the ban hammer would stop this, then allow a kind of marketplace (like forza) letting the creatives get creative, and the not so much's buy there creations maybe expand this to include character skins.


    Functioning enviroment like doors, blast doors maybe something like escalators or moving walkways that can be switched on and off, or allowing structural failures in certain buildings, Make them very campable right up to the point they collapse and kill all inside.


    Remove Second Chance from Hardcore, this just plain doesn't work.


    Wager matches: How about some team wager matches, where say a clan could gamble COD Points on game types, elite could track winnings etc.

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    Get rid of second chance.

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    i want to see zombies! more vietnam era weapons like the bar the thompson mp40 mac 10 grease gun guns that were used in nam and korea during the cold war, and bigger maps no nuketown type maps the smallest map should be the size of firing range

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    reduce lag comp by a huge margin. the more they messed with it the worse it got. i gave up in the end.    i think i was on my last go round. but the lag comp was killing me.

    and it insisted on making me host. i didnt even have a good connection 8/1. that was it.

    the maps were great. the graphics were ok . the play was slow i thought.  i hope they some how speed it up a touch.


    the guns i did not like at all, cant think of one that i thought yes this is my gun.

    mw it was the ak and m16

    mw2 the p90  and ak although i thought it was a touch weak.


    mw3 of course mp7 ump45 and the fad


    but black ops the only gun i enjoyed using was the last one you got on assault. i loved the sound i think lol.


    i thnk the setup before the game starts is much better than it is in mw3. and the voice sound is far better than mw3 which is just a joke.

    but i wont be buying it untill i rent it first. i am not paying for a laggy game again. the last two lag ops and mw3 are just piss poor when  it comes to lag comp and hit detection. or it is for some of us anyway. .


    oh i hope they keep the sniper rifles as it was when black ops first came out.