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VEX Gaming is recruiting (PS3)

VEX Gaming is recruiting elite PS3 players, by elite we mean the best of the best that have played in GB or gaming tournaments and are experienced when it comes to VERY competitive play.


VEX Gaming is a newly formed team, we just reformed after some issues and are looking to start over. The old team name was True Virulence (tV) and if you played Resistance 3 you probably know us since we won the Urgent Fury Resistance 3 beta tournament. Sadly issues came up right after R3 released so we didn't get to compete on that game anymore.....but anyway we are back.


We do have requirements but these requirements listed below are only to join VEX Gaming, this does not put you on Team VEX (our sponsored team). We are looking for players that play to win and have fun playing seriously. Our clan level is 0 as of now because we jsut really got this team started. If you are looking to join a team with players that have been ranked #1 in the world on games, the leader of the top clan on MAG (3C), and other players with as notable accomplishments then send an fr to iNZTiNX- or Sithis_ with "vex tryout" in the message.




k/d: 1.5

w/l: 1.0


16+ years old

cod elite

on atleast 2 days a week


Once again, if you meet these and are interested or want to know more about VEX simply send a message to iNZTiNX- or Sithis_


If you are wanting to tryout for Team VEX then send a message too, but an incredibly good gaming resume is a requirement.