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banned by the boosters and modders who ruin mw3.... Feels strange being on this end

So I go to a boosting,modding and hacking website to find the latest mods and glitches and booster lobbies to report them.

I guess they must be getting defensive about cheating?

I got BANNED from the cheating scumbag website. They said twitter, but I never even tweeted anything about them.

How could they know I was a mole?

Not sure how to add a screenshot on here


[url=http://www.picvalley.net/v.php?p=u/2834/202111914638966762613302134047PccYncoE3n oXhrOHGgi.PNG][img]http://www.picvalley.net/u/2834/202111914638966762613302134047PccYncoE3noXhrOHGg i.PNG[/img][/url]


http://www.picvalley.net/v.php?p=u/2834/202111914638966762613302134047PccYncoE3n oXhrOHGgi.PNG