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I am looking for a competative yet casual PS3 clan to join... any ideas?

I am a pretty busy guy and although I love to play COD, I can't afford to dedicate the type of time that alot of these hardcore clans demand. I'm looking for something that is more like a bunch of friends who enjoy playing the game but are still fairly competative.


1. My K/D at time of post is 1.21.

2. Win/Loss is 1.78 (playing with random's only).

3. I just started playing on the PS3. I played from release date to around mid-December on Xbox 360 and was a fourth prestige when my Xbox gave me the RROD past warranty. Just got it for my PS3 yesterday.

4. I am an Elite Premium member and I am very much looking forward to the new map packs on the 28th so it would be nice to play with others who can download the map packs on the 28th as well.

5. I do not currently have a mic, but I will be purchasing one in the near future. Communication on a team is crucial after all.

6. I am a streaky player. I know this is not a good thing but I am giving full discloser here for fairness. I am the type of player that goes (TDM) 18-7 in one match, 13-10 in another, and then 9-12 in the next. Again, if I played more balanced though, I am sure my stats would level out a bit.


I think that just about covers what most clans ask about in regards to their new recruits. If my stats and goals align with anyone who is in a clan, please let me know. I would be glad to take a look at the clan and see if it is a good fit. Thanks for your time if you actually read all this. See ya online.