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suggestion for clans More then 1 clan leader

What i would like to suggest is that the Clan leaders can share there leader power with a selection of clan members. Like that he can assign officers and such so that other members can invite people aswell, and or sign up for clan operartions. Right now we all have to wait for one person to come online to manage an entire clan. How i see it it could be something like with guilds in wow or as families in Omerta. Just a clan with an hierarchy.



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    I agree with the poster. There are also some other things that I would like to point out. The invite function is clunky when not inviting from friends list. So if my co clan leader has them on theirs they could invite. Another thing is that you have given us a tool to create emblems. Some of us are not artists. It would be awsome to be able to allow the creative person in the clan co leader options like create emblems. There are also other things like accepting clan ops which would be nice to allow other people to do sometimes. Lets say if im working and forgot. I dont have a smartphone so no. Thanks for reading.

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    I agree their needs to be a chain of command so to speak. Most people have lives on here that takes them away from their gaming system or maybe want to go on vacation. There needs to be a way to have other officers in the clan that can  invite and enlist without giving up your rights to the clan.

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    I have been wondering why there is a private symbol next to everyones name in my clan. i assumed there would be a way to make other people promoted to help with clan admin, but the "promote to leader" button doesnt "promote" it switches you out for someone else. That sounds more like retirement to me. Sigh. Facepalm.