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Have you ever played a match with someone spamming Predator Missles?


Cause I have. Have you ever played with a hacker who uses Predator Missiles in Search and Destroy and spawn kills everyone on your team with it?


Cause I have. And I thought of a way to prevent spawn killing by hackers with Predator Missiles.


Remember back in Black Ops when you had a time limit, restricting you from using launchers, noobtubes, and things like that?


Why don't we have that in MW3? Make it the same for using Predator Missiles, so that they have to wait 10 seconds before using them?




Prevent the use of Airstrikes and killstreaks like that at the start of rounds and matches to avoid spawn killing. To prevent hackers from cheating.


Do you know how it feels, when you're winning a Search and Destroy match 3-0, and then a hacker desides to not let you win, and kills you all with a predator missile for 4 rounds? Cause I HAVE. And then after the match is over he tells you that he was LETTING you win, and that he could beat you with his hands tied behind his back? Cause I HAVE.


So please, PLEASE. InfinityWard, Treyarch, or whoever makes the updates, put that 10 second grace period thing at the beginning of rounds so that I don't get raped by a hacker using Predator Missiles.