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    I get that same feeling. I find it really sad that god mode is the feeling I get when I actually take damage. It's just a shame the amount of potential MW3 has right now that is unattained because of the crappy lag comp.

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    Nice very well done. I am surprised that the devs are actually asking for player submitted videos, as if they don't know that this problem exists and they need examples so they can address it, or tell you it's something on your end. Ha pretty funny. Love this game just hope that they get this tuned a lot better. Thanks for the effort. Hopefully we won't have to extrapolate what is going to happen in this game much longer.

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    capp00 wrote:


    Thanks Mac. I was quite curious as to what your take on the video would be. If anybody would ever "call me out" or debunk anything I say in regards to the technical stuff, I figure it would be you. That's a good thing too.


    I know about the winner/loser system, but this is the first game in the CoD franchise I remember being able to die without seeming to take any damage. At least the previous titles, if you were hit, you had a chance to recover/escape.

    I know it's there because I do see it from time to time when I'm not getting probed by the lag/matchmaking problems.


    But man, when the lag comp is in MY favor, straight up God Mode. I can run around with a slingshot and a bag of marshmallows and get a MOAB. lol.




    nah everything was almost spot on although with any comparison video just going by timestamps in game is never going to be totally exact as you need to match by the exact frame, but for the purposes of your video it was close enough and you got your point across perfectly..


    interesting little side note to to this it was actually a community member submitted video showing freaky stuff that the net guys used/ are using as a reference point to adjusting stuff in game now..



    if i was being really critical though.. personaly i would've started the video with you screaming THIS IS LAG COMP!!!  a la 300 "this is sparta voice"

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    Interesting thing is, when I was matching up the videos, At first, I did match it up to the exact frame and found out that the game was just out of sync with what was going on in the video and the clock was always a half second off.


    So, I went frame by frame and made sure the clock ticks matched up. Probably the best I could get with current equipment.


    Maybe the devs will see this video too and have an epic facepalm and realize that something is amiss

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    Capp - Amaving Video . Love the way you showed and explained whats happening in game to so many of us. This is exactly why i stopped playing this crap game.


    I hope the devs watch this and do something about it.

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    Just something to think about, as you've stated the theater is what host sees.  With your PVR comparing real-time to what host the sees--just imagine how much of a delay there would be if another non-host player also used a PVR.  Full round-trip latency.  Just think, your video is showing a 100+ms delay with host.  Now imagine comparing your PVR with another non-host player.  We're talking 200+ ms difference here.  I remember reading an article about people comparing exactly that with ultra-fast connections just to find out that specific player to player real-time latency was over 250ms.  That's a HUGE number considering the pace of this game.  Anyway, just throwing that out there to think about.


    Great, knowledgable video by the way, should've been in my orginal post.


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    Great vid. This just shows what some of us have to deal with. Thanks for taking the time to make such a great vid.

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    You are all very welcome. Glad the video is getting good exposure. I hope the devs see it.

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    This is the exact exposure this issue needed, most of all it shuts up the idiots on here that deny lag compensation exists.


    Too bad lag compensation will not be fixed


    That post posted by the Developer is simply a cover-up to keep you people hanging on and buying DLC, this was a big issue in Black Ops, it should of been fixed by now.


    This is why it's obvious to me this type of lag comp has been forced into the game by Activision so the casuals keep playing and the money keeps rolling in, they do not care about the real hardcore fans.

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    I agree. It's not going to be fixed. If it was it would have been already. They know most people will play regardless and will deal with it. I just hope it doesn't become the norm in future CoD's.

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