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    its getting worse.

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    The game has degraded every day since the release of the DLC en masse.  Last night I got killed by someone that was never on my screen at anytime and then in the kill cam he was standing right next to me spraying a whole clip into me.  Again, I repeat, at no time was he visible on my screen in real time.  I also was receiving credit for kills 2 to almost 3 seconds after I really killed the opfor player.  I get shot at by guys that are facing the opposite direction. 


    I do have a hunch that if the lag/sync issue got ironed out, that the spawn problems may dissappear to some noticeable degree as well.


    Thanks Capp and operator and other active members who are trying to properly address this prob with the devs and the evil empire (acti).

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    back to black ops I go!

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    Strongly put and points and well made all.


    A 5 star response which deserves a reply.

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    capp00 wrote:


    ...Its so nice seeing others that do not have fear of challenging the word of the developers...

    I hope my attempts to hold them accountable don't get me censored and/or banned.


    We are paying customers who have funded the Call of Duty series for years & they should treat us as such.


    The fact that quality has gone so far down while sales have gone so far up sends a clear message about their goals & values.


    They seem to have no accountability whatsoever to their customers, and whatever they like to call "community management" seems more like an extension of their marketing department than anything geared towards genuine 2-way community interaction & involvement.

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    Keep at it Operator-1. I don't expect anything to happen though. If anything they have made the situation for host worse. Last night I'm on with my friend who lives all of 5 miles away from me. Tried playing the DLC playlist but kept having trouble finding games. So I switched over to the non-dlc playlist and we had more success.


    The problem was the he kept getting host. So we would have several good games where we could work together and kill the other team. Then he would get host. Usually that means I have a good game and he gets massacred. Last night that meant that neither of us had a chance.


    What kind of issues? Well, the same ones...


    1. Instakill.

    2. I get hitmarkers, usually multiples, yet playback shows no hits at all. The best part is usually the playback shows the muzzleflash from my gun....but apparently my friend loaded up my clip with blanks. He's a joker that way.

    3. Oh, I could go on...but I've posted about this before. If they won't fix the host issue there is no chance they will ever address anything else.

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    Great video capp00!


    This very much reflects my experience playing MP. You do a great job breaking it down.

    I was a huge COD fan (I even splurged for the founder edition... shame on me). I've played the series too many hours to count over the course of many years and consoles (xbox & ps3).

    Unfortunately, I stopped playing months ago (haven't even downloaded my free DLC) because of this issue. It was noticeable in BlackOps, but has gotten far worse in MW3.


    I pop on the forums from time-to-time to see if they've addressed the issue... it appears they have not.


    I really hope they fix it. I wanna love this game. There's lots of things to love about it, but the lag comp issue breaks it for me.


    Folks who pay for speedier connections shouldn't be penalized.


    Thanks for your efforts.

    Cheers mate!

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    I hope this gets fixed.

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    I used to hope they would fix the Lag Compensation,  but Ghost Recon Future Soldier is so close now I could care less.  I have plenty of other games that I have been, and will be playing until then.  Graw 2 was tha s*** in it's day, so I'm confident this next one will not let me down. 

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    Not buying another call of duty game ever again. They have destroyed this game after mw2. Cannot wait for GHOST RECON FUTURE SOLDIER!!!!!!!!

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