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Just got told to stop Hard Scoping...


Sorry, this BS just cracks me up.

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    You so noob hardscoping... nah i joke, tell that little kid to gtfo?

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      They were going negative by around 15 deaths, ignoring the objective in Demo and simply trying to killwhore. He had multiple potential moments to defuse, instead he continued to run around like a dumbass and the end result was we won the match.


      I couldn't stop laughing long enough to type a coherent message in reply.

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    I've been called a hardscoping f@g.  Got a hardscope in the final kill cam and then I got a message, learn how to QS you hardscoping f@g.  Amazing...

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      How dare you use a scope as it was intended or used in real life.

      AARRGHHH you guys bore me...(sarcasm)


      Too funny.

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      you know i actually had a little kid try to tell me that quickscoping was real once. he told me that his big bro was a marine and that they quick scoped.....i think he needed some attention.

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        I have no problem with quickscopers as long as they play the objective and don't rail on people who sniped like how it's supposed to be done. Surprisingly, there are few who don't.

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          I think unless yer absolutely lucky as hell you try to quickscope a real modern sniper rifle you will be missing teeth.

          you might get away with trying it with an AR 5.56/223 but you won't hit the broad side of a barn.


          I know with my M&P15 (m4 Clone) at 100yrds you can't hip fire.

          you must shoulder it steady aim and if you can get two or three rnds downrange and hit the ten spot in a few seconds yer doing dang good.