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MW3 - The first title in the downfall of the CoD Franchise


I love CoD, I rage and troll hard (even though I don't mean to lol), however, I strongly believe that MW3 is the start of the downfall of this great franchise.


The reasons (as i'm sure have been mentioned countless times before, but this is a democracy so I can speak my mind and add my two pennies worth)


- Really REALLY awful map design. None of them feel fun to play.

- Abismal lag compensation coding, did a 5 year old code it? Or someone with the mental capacity of a 5 year old?

- Piss poor matchmaking, Why does it insist on putting one "star player" in a lobby full of players with bad KDR's who get ripped to pieces every game. Should it not keep really good players in the same lobbies, and keep players with less KDR together so there's a bit of fairness. (

- Is it me, or is this game programmed to give sniper rifles an advantage over everyone else? You don't need to actually hit someone, to gain a hit marker, lag compensation to assist them when they're being shot at, 1 bullet kill (for all those scared of using a real gun with a bit of recoil), aim assist, I mean jeez no wonder so many tryhards use them, it's easier than ever to do now. (I'll await a negative response from all the youtube fanboys about this - your comment doesn't matter to me, so save your breath)

- Getting people to pay £44.99 (or whatever in the US) and then having the ordasity to charge people a premium for ELITE. which doesn't seem to work properly. We'll be paying MS points to download weapons next...

- Releasing a game where the spawn system is completely broken, and despite saying they're doing stuff about it ,nothing has changed. People spawn on top of you all the time in FFA, and even in team games if an enemy is in your spawn, why the hell are you spawning next to them? From what I've seen, they've only sorted 1 spawn issue (in dome where you stand by the trailer and look into the stone room)

- Why don't explosives (mainly grenades) kill people anymore. Last time I checked, I'm pretty sure Rocket Launchers and Grenades did significant damage in the real world. People moaned about danger close in MW2, which is fair enough, but I expect a grenade thats accurately thrown, to do a bit more damage than a stale potato.

- Why oh why have they reinstated Tac insertions in free for all. All you boosters are getting reported.

- "No last stand - **** you Last Stand!" - was 402's exact words at the conference when they announced MW3.. Yet it's still in the game...

- "No commando perk" 402 said, yet the melee range on MW3 seems to be worse than when you had commando pro in MW2!

- Last time I checked, I seem to recall that soldiers can actually run a lot further than 15 steps before being out of breath and having to walk... I'm glad there isn't the old marathon pro, but come on...


Despite all this, I still play it - WHATS WRONG WITH ME I had a bash at Black Ops yesterday too - two games totalling 57 kills and 17 deaths (in 2 games of FFA) which I was quite proud of!

And if you get a trolling type message from me at any time on MW3, apologies in advance, but MW3 is the first CoD to make me rage this badly heh.