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Clan Rankings

Is there actually a clan ranking system in cod elite? Seems to me like skill has nothing to do with the  system they have now. Seems like if you just get a bunch of founders and members in general and play alot, you gain XP and level up. But leveling up doesn't exactly coinside with skill and ranking... so is there a ranking system so you can see how Good a clan is versus another by way of their wins/losses & K:D ratio and also strength of oponenets wins/lossed and K:D ratio...? 

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    Yes ,there is a clan ranking system. No, its not based on the way you would like the ranking system to work.


    IMO we are far from that being an option, unfortunately.

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    Well they have Clan Operations that they just released to level up your clan based on how you PAID members do for the inparticular challenge such as: Most defends in domination between blah and blah. So based on what percent you placed is how many clan xp you recieve. Although there are rumors suggesting major boosting which can hurt chances of legit clans getting as high as they should. They had an operation set for this friday night but they took it down for some reason, most likely to try and figure out how to solve the boosting issue. But I'm in the same boat as you, I'm the only person in my clan with a paid subscribtion (lucky me, I have a job!) so I'm the only person in the clan that gets counted.