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Recurring Issues. Splitscreeners.

As the months roll by, new issues start to show their ugly faces to the current and new gaming community, both noobs and the top notches. But right now, the servers on COD: MW3 are starting to unstable. Time, after time again, i suffer through frame drops and lags that always costs me and my team the win. I'm glad that they somewhat fixed the problem with the community games by distributing a lot more of a variety of different weapons like the bouncing betty, C4, etc. If only they give the Juggernauts different weapons instead of akimbo .44 Magnum pistols. But still, the servers need to be fixed. Both on community and regular online play. Now for the splitscreeners. Some advantages and disadvantages. It's a great convenience so that, for example, if i have company over at my place, my friend doesn't feel left out and he can play along with me in multiplayer. The downside is that the splitscreening option to the rest of the community can be very annoying. The splitscreener tagging along with the original player could be used to boost the players stats. ANd not to mention the splitscreening problem is plaguing infected most of all than regular online play. Me and my friends see countless splitscreeners killing themselves, setting up Tactical Insertions, get killed by the orginal player, respawn and repeat for the next 25 or so times. Me and my friends try to stop them by hunting down the splitscreeners and killing off the infected setting up the T.I. when we are survivors or killing off the survivor trying to earn a MOAB the noobish way. It's ridiculous. I have recorded footage on a player boosting from his splitscreener. The only problem is, i don't know how to post the vid from my wall to the proper channels and to whom. The best i could do is press triangle and report someone for boosting while i'm in the pre-game lobby. But it's obviously not going anywhere. i'm putting the footage up immediately on youtube after i finish this post. This thing is ruinning everyone's gaming experience. Take the splitscreening option off of the community gaming lobbies. or at least take off the splitscreening option and remove it from the servers all together.