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combined thought on a lot of suggestions

i doubt    IW would want to bring this all in for mw3 but maybe the next title


           getting bonuses at each prestige level should definatly happen though i think you should unlock weapons, maps, and game modes. the gun game and one in the chamber should be brought online for everyone and at prestige you should unlock a crossbow and sticks and stones. ill not bore you with a list beacuse if they decide to do this they wont follow me exactly anyways  and id rather not bore everyone but maybe each  fifth you unlock a few maps from a previous Call of Duty game (hinted to by the weapens you get before) AND a prestige lobby with whatever is deemed neccesary.

      Also a constant 24 map lobby that changes map every 4 days ish in both core and hardcore, moshpit ofcourse with all game modes prestige lobbys could have 24 hour lobbys thats a moshpit of all "their" maps and game modes see if i think of anything else but i think thats a good way to keep prestige intresting to those who dont really see the point and reward those who work hard at getting to tenth and above but my 2 cents    get behind it we may get lucky.