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Mapping of New  Maps Is Lacking REAL Mapping?

Lets face it, since MW2's original maps, 'mapping' of areas has been going backwards.  Im so tired of areas that are shorter in height than the wall I just climbed that I cant climb into and/or around and/or on.  The new map packs are a shining example of POOR, LAZY DEVELOPMENT standards.


While they would have been some REALLY tremendous additions, there are so many places one cant go because maybe a bush is there or even worse, the team didnt think someone would want to use it (guessing).  They left out areas that, as a Marine who spent his fleet time in Margarita, would have been great for ambushing and actually a challenge to hold by ones self but worth the effort.  NOT REALISTIC AT ALL


In this day and age I get so tired of saying 'Why on earth did I pay money for this', but didnt expect it here TBH.  Yet I state this about every time I play, and did again as I ran thru the new DLC to check out its mapping quality and the map in general.   Should have guessed by the maps they made for MW2 (addons) and the areas one should have been able to go but couldn't.  I kinda thought technology was advancing, but games like this are either EXTREMLY LAZY develop-mental staff or done on purpose as there were areas in MW1 and MW2 (without the addons) one could hold for quite some time or was it the devs couldnt game against those who knew how to hold it?


Did to many under-age kids call into complain because it was to tough?  Dont get me wrong, Id let my kids play this til it broke if I could permantly shut off the VoIP channel, not just for them, I could care less about what some want to talk about.


I enjoyed MW1 and MW2 (pre-addon) because it gave a slim chance to deal with cheaters.  Yet the new map packs, and even the ones with the game, seem designed for players that may never get the hang of it.


From this to the difficulties it took to get my YouTube account un-registered, I will say that I will never pre-pay for content again.  If things dont improve I will defintly be sharing this with other veterans in my area, especially the lack of dealing with exploitation, not to mention abondoning this series all together.  I'll be more satisfied to pick and choose from content I know is FULLY mapped.  Personally, Im a bit discusted the USMC helped again with this one... and they should be, too.  I expect what I pay for to be delivered, and in todays tech there is no excuse, aspecially when the BF series does so well with mapping ALL area(s).


As it is, I refer to these companies as "INFINITY WART" and "LACKTIVISION" or "LACK-OF-VISION".