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Female soldiers need to definately be introduced, as we all know alot of female players like myself would like to play as a female in the game.Why this hasnt already been done in mw3 I do not know. There our woman in the war in Iraq which is a MODERN war. I think in the new Call of Duty in November I think you should add this in the game as I think it would definately inspire more females to play the game, The game is built for anybody well prove it by adding this great feature for the females. Also another interesting idea why not make a colour pallet for the guns rather than just specific camo, As I am aware people would probably enjoy more colours to make there gun and attachments be more unique, Picture this... For females, A female soldier, With a pink gun, with my emblem and clan tag on the gun, Very unique, very me, and very fun!! Yes I know what your thinking a pink gun omfg but does it matter? does it really matter whether you wouldn't find a pink gun for real, I wouldnt find some-one painting a joker as an emblem on their gun but that is in the game.Please consider my thoughts as I think it would be amazing if you could bring them to life in your game.Thanks kind regards GT>>  x Red Dra9on x


    i support this, in any perspective, i think there is room for a female bad ass character to be seen online and in campaign for call of duty and I mean cmon!, GOW3 ladys rock, no excuse for them not to be in COD.  I hope they up the customisability for the bext black ops game and make this happen, i'd like to see ore than just pink guns,i want a fricken rainbow unicorn! Why the hell not!


    1.) While the U.S. military does not currently permit women to fill active combat roles (which is what I'm guessing is the game creators' lines of thinking), there are militaries who do (i.e. Australia, Canada, Israel, etc.). I agree that the oversight ignores a steadily growing gamer demographic and developed nations military trend.


    2.) While I'm on the topic of Isreal, why is that nation's flag omitted from the title options. For that matter, I personally would be ecstatic to see the United Nations flag and each of the world's soverign nations' flags. A bit off topic; sorry for the digression.