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  • 20. Re: How to Get a EASY MOAB VIDEO

    Did you the OP really think this was a good idea?


    Showing all the lil campy moab's wana-be's how to be more successful at ignoring objectives and going for kills!!


    you are an idiot, plain and simple...


    I play DOM "properly" all the time and if i seen you doin what you just done in that video i would make it my objective to bring as much attention to you as possible!...you would not of got that MOAB with me in your game!


    Thanks for teaching people to be even more annoying in DOMINATION....cluelsss

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    you need me to pst some vids of TDM and FFA Moabs? Have over 40. Oh yeah thats right....... I dont post on here or care to. This is not that good. Get out of Domination. At least cap when you CAN. Its kinda funny how you can get a MOAB, when everyone else is " running toward those weird flag things." faceplam....

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    Troll got trolled... lol

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    Why do people post videos on how to get MOAB's? All you have to do is get 25 gun/knife/grenade kills (24 w/hardline). It's that simple. Don't need a video to give me tips on how to kill people. Aim, pull trigger...if he dies then I am one kill closer to my MOAB. If I die then I get to start over...simple as that.

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    I will assume your forum name is the same as your GT. Now with that said I looked at your stats. You have 118 hrs played in DOM, I have 55. You have 1,166 caps in 935 matches, I have 1,250 in 447 matches. (These were core stats) Now for the HC stats. I have 9 caps in 9 matches. (I don't like to play HC) You have 491 caps in 781 matches. How is it that with half of the play time as you I still manage to pull off more caps?


    With what I have been looking at, I am guessing you play for the K/D or the MOAB's a HELL of a lot more then for the win.

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    No there is no guessing, I love to WIN period, and i love to go for Moabs and Win too. You might just be the gamer who likes to run around and capture flags and not worry about anything else. Like there are some people who will just run around and try to capture four and five flags and go 11/31 and lose the game because the other team built so many killstreaks. But I am not assuming anything because i do not know you.  But just because I dont have as many caps, doesnt mean i dont like to win, I love to win, as well as help people get better, and remind gamers you have to have fun to when gaming and thanks for your input and for watching my vid!

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    I liked and subbed...


    I think your video was very interesting...


    I don't have your gun skill so I compensate by Capping and Defending as much as I can...


    One reason for your lack of Caps may well be the fact that you are better at Defending...?


    If you can Hold a flag for the entire game, then you only have to Cap it the once right?

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    Cool... But... The M.O.A.B. is easy to get in team games...


    Being a free-for-all only gamer... I'd be more impressed if you got a M.O.A.B. in FFA.


    And for those of you in this thread... The M.O.A.B. is 24 kills not 25.

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    Thanks for everyones input!

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    Lol, its so funny how everyone thinks that moabs in domination are unskilled and bad. Yes, most of my moabs are in domination. Why? Because thats what I play. Why do I play it? Because it lasts longer and that is what I need when Im going for double moabs. It's pretty hard to get double moabs in TDM, isnt it?


    I have gotten loads of moabs in TDM and KC, and I still prefer DOM because its seems to averagely (is that even a word? Im norwegian, dont hate!) last longer.


    I do cap flags when its necessary and if im on a 20 streak Im not gonna jump on the B flag, like an idiot. Most of them times that I do get moabs, we win. And I play solo, which means its really hard to win the game on your own and sometimes I just give a sh*t about the objective because no one on my team is trying to cap anything.