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*****Wii `MW3 OBJECTIVE TOURNAMENT` SIGN UP NOW - starts 17th March******





Right guys n gals, here it is, the Wii`s very own Modern Warfare 3 competition for 2012!

Im joint hosting this with Nive, the reason being that due to players being based quite literally from all over the world, I don’t want to rule anyone out because of where they come from, and I don’t fancy having to spend my entire weekends in March hosting peoples games, and having to stay up till 6am! Nive is 5hrs behind me and cant take care of stuff when im asleep, he`s from the states so will be timezone friendly with the vast majority of you guys, and apparently he has a really good connection, and has no problem with hosting. So a big thank you to him from me ,as I really needed a joint host and he didn’t hesitate to offer his help.


So, onto the competition.

After long consideration, im going to keep it as simple as possible and not tamper with normality too much. So though Grom`s idea in last years objective competition was great in theory, it seemed to throw people as many didn’t read the rules, and they just complained and tried to get games replayed etc. So to cut out all the hassle it`ll be very straightforward.

We`ll do the format basing it on us having 64 players, and were doing it like a tennis draw. So we`ll have 16 teams consisting of 4 players in each team, each team will have an alphabetical letter to enable a passage through the rounds to be made as easy as possible, A to P, you can name your team with a word beginning with that letter if you like.  It`ll run in the form of match 1 AvB, match 2 CvD, and so on. Then in the 2nd round the winners will play each other, so BvD for example. 

In the 1st round, teams will play a best of 3 scenario, normal rules apply, Domination/Demolition/Headquarters

In the quarter finals, the teams will play a best of 5 scenario, normal rules apply, Domination/Demolition/Headquarters/Sabotage/CTF

In the semi finals, teams will play a best of 7 scenario, normal rules apply , Domination/Demolition/Headquarters/Sabotage/CTF/Search and Destroy/ and then HC Domination if it goes to a decider

In the final, teams will play a best of 7 scenario, normal rules apply , Domination/Demolition/Headquarters/Sabotage/CTF/Search and Destroy/ and then HC Domination if it goes to a decider

Dates for the games to be played are as follows:

Round 1 weekend of March 17th/18th

Quarter Finals weekend of March 24th/25th

Semi Finals weekend of March 30th/31st

Final Saturday 7th April

Nive can only host at weekends, but im available to host midweek if fixtures cant be played on schedule.

The only rules are the usual obvious ones, no cheating/hacking/glitching, and the only weapon rule is NO akimbo machine pistols. Your fine using a machine pistol, even FMG but no akimbo`s.  The host, me or Nive, will be watching the games, and probably even recording them, so you will be found out if you do any of the above, and you will be kicked out, no second chances, no not guilty plea`s, the hosts decision is final.  That applies to people quitting mid game when losing too, and claiming internet probs etc – if you back out midgame, its tough, your team takes the hit. You`ll get picked up again after that game has ended. Your team can choose a reserve if they wish, if you aren’t available. We`ll then play it by ear regarding if you get back into the team in the next round, we`ll make a judgement call at the time taking everything into consideration.

The only thing ive yet to organise is how to choose teams. Nive said we should ask for team entries, but I dont want to put of people who want to play and don’t have any good allies, or know enough guys to form a team, so it`ll be one of the following ways unless someone comes forward with a better idea. I`ll personally balance teams based on players kdr, or  i`ll do some random alphabetical system I haven’t yet worked on, OR ill try to randomise online somewhere if I can locate a randomiser that can do 64 items into batches of 4. I dont want people saying teams are overly strong, or that its fixed. I can assure you, no one will be getting any favours.


If we cant get enough players, I can adjust the games to maybe 3 players per team (48 players) or just start at the quarter final stage (32 players). 2 players per team wont work in the vast majority of these modes and will put too much pressure on players who aren’t that confident going 2v2.


This bit is very important

To take part, reply in this thread saying you want to play, and that your available for the last 3 weekends in March, and leave your ally code,your IGN,  and the best time of day your available to play. This is the most important bit, put your time as UK time please : Use the link below. I really don’t have the time to work out 64 guys time zones.



This will help me work out which games I can host, and what Nive needs to host.

You can PM me if your code if don’t want it to be public, and leave your email address if you want to ask anything. I`ll need you allied to me to check kdrs, and to invite you to games. Can my allies who I already have me allied, put their codes too, as Nive will need them too. You can also PM me if you want to play under a different name to avoid abuse. Im know youtubers are a bit touchy about doing bad and losing subs. We had 2 guys play last year under diff names, and both did very well.  Also tell your allies who aren’t forum registered, to sign up if theyre interested. 64 is a big ask I know, but I reckon we have a chance of getting there. We may also have a few reserves to fill in, I need to know the final number before we sort the final plans.

So thats it guys - we have just under 3 weeks to get as many names as possible. Please spread the word, 64 is a big number.








If you cant play at weekends BUT CAN PLAY MIDWEEK UK TIME BETWEEN 8PM AND 12AM (4 hour period), sign up and i`ll try to work you in the tourny. I can host those hours. Or even if any of you guys would prefer to play those midweek hours, that can be arranged too if enough want it.



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