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UTFW Clan Recruiting - Any player skill lvl accepted - no trials!


We are a new clan forming, mostly splinters from the WOOK clan on MW2. We accept any player regardless of membership type, age, or skill level. We are here to play in competitions and with each other. Our goal is to have enough members that our clan mates won't have to play with someone they don't know if they don't want to.


We are trying to get into competitions, but don't quite have the member strength yet. You don't have to compete, but it is strongly encouraged. As an incentive for members, we are offering $20.00 Microsoft points card to the first thirty people who join.


UTFW doesn't have a website up yet, but our resident code monkey is on the task.


Here are a few guidlines:


Age: We ask that you be at least thirteen to join, eighteen for clan operations.
Skill: No requirements. Any KD or SPM is accepted.
Mic: Preferred, but not required.
Availability: We don't mind when you come on since a lot of us are active military.



We would love it if you had a founder status, premium would be wonderful since that means you could compete with us, but is not a requirement. Just have some version of elite so you can keep up with clan messages and such.


Just message Junkfood Wookie for an invite on Xbox Live.


Good luck, and happy hunting.