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Has anyone else had this much of a problem?

OK, so when MW3 came out, I started out pretty clumsy like some others; I was getting used to new maps, weapons, perks, etc. However, about three days after that, my previous experience from the last two titles (Black Ops and MW2) started to kick in. My K/D went up by leaps and bounds, culminating w/my first M.O.A.B. the week after New Year's. I had a title update shortly after that.


Ever since that update, however, my game has spiraled out of control. I joined a clan, hoping that holding strategic placement on the map and having a team would help. However, ever since the last major updates (Jan-March), it's gotten increasingly worse. At first I thought it was me, so I tried changing things up:




-Class slots



but nothing worked. Then I started going back and looking at my previous games, and my clan leader and I noticed they all had one thing in common: My hit detection was horrendous. I had a game on Interchange where an enemy was standing still against a wall shooting my teammate, about three feet away. I turned, pointed my gun right at his chest area and fired. I didn't get ANY HITMARKERS until the last ten or so bullets in my clip (ACR w/Silencer & Kick), and even though he was bloodied terribly, he still shot me with maybe 4 bullets from the Scar-L, and killed me. It took two of my other teammates to finish him off.


Ever since the first update in January it's been like this: I get a clear advantage on the enemy, but the hit detction is so bad that they can still turn and kill me. I've even had occasions where Throwing Knives actually go through people and stick into the wall behind them!!! I have a very good ISP; Comcast High-speed with 20mbps & Power Boost. The cable provider has my area pretty much monopolized, so it's hard to get enything better, and they're the best out of the three in my area anyway. I haven't had problems like this with ANY OTHER FPS until now.


Is anyone else having this problem? if so, how do I fix it, and is there someone I can contact to help fix it? My patience with the game has run out. I want to be the player that I know I can be, and I want the game to be based on my skill level. I don't want to have to fight lag and host advantage anymore; it isn't fair to those such as myself who have poured so much time into being good at CoD.