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Question about hit markers

No, this is not going to be the "Why do I get 8,000 hitmarkers and no kill???" thread you probably expected.


Actually, it's a different issue, and one that's only started appearing recently. Lately, I've noticed that I'll get a hit marker or two (or three), and won't get the kill. After I die, I watch the Kill-cam, and I never hit the other player. I never really noticed this happening earlier in the game, but in the last week or two, this has been happening quite a bit, probably at least once or twice per match.


So my first question is this: Is this something that's always been present and I just didn't notice it, or is this something that's only begun more recently?


Second question: Is this common? Are a lot of players experiencing this?


Third question: What could be causing this? Is it possibly something I can fix on my end, or just part of the game now?



I appreciate any and all constructive replies.