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Server Connection Timed Out

Hi, Everyone.


I have noticed that there are some problems with Call of Duty: MW3 (PC) that I have purchased 02/12 and I am now experiencing what the community has been talking about.




1. Server Connection Timed Out.

2. Game lobby will load into map but will get Awaiting Connection...or Awaiting players, then it will kick me out.

3. Game will go into Options and choose teams but will not let me select Auto-Assign or Teams for that matter.


Edit: 4. When choosing a Play and having Automatch choose a lobby, it will connect into lobby then says Steam connect failed.


Edit: Hardware specs:


Windows 7 x64

DLink DWA-130 Rev.E Adapter

2Wire 2701HG-B Router


Now, I have just called my ISP (AT&T) and we have troubleshooted my end of the connection as to be working perfectly fine, they suggested to run speed test and ping test and they say on my end I am getting my full service. They have even went to an extent to test from there end and have found no problems from there end at all.


We have come to conclusion that there is something wrong with the game servers on your end of playing field and frankly I find this a little annoying, I paid $60 for a game that I was so confident in and now I am getting these errors.


Is there any possible solution to get this resolved. Please !!!


Thank you.