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The Deadly Alliance


Clan name - Deadly Alliance

Clantag - [:TDA]

Platform - PS3

Region - Europe (UK & NL)

Clan level - 7 (2000xp incoming)



Deadly Alliance (Elite) is a European PS3 clan founded 4 years ago, TDA consists out of people from the UK & NL. We are currently looking for mature premium elite members that want to play clan operations with us. Our average clan K/D is 2.17, and we are looking for players that can maintain that K/D. We want to maintain a small and personal group with a maximum of 20-25 members.


Clan operation history - 2/2 gold top 10%

Gamebattles team - 13th in Europe


If your interested leave a message on this post or our Elite clan page. You can also add me on PSN - soulraver.



Region - Europe

Elite - Premium

K/D - 1.80 +

Mic - Yes