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This guy can't be legit...

https://elite.callofduty.com/career/ps3/0a7730ab25c23378048162478e0f78ffac89347f a1e857f5#/playercardmw3


I only noticed him from playing infected, and he wasn't getting any kills. I checked his stats in-lobby, and he's 5th in the world for score, and 9th in the world for wins (or vice-versa). Elite says he only has 15 hours time played, while in game he has 22 days. His K/D is 3.18 (Leaderboard says he has 132,000 kills or so) and his W/L was 24-something.


This is all odd, because the different games (like TDM) showed his K/D as 2-something. I can maybe believe the W/L would be somewhat high, because he wasn't playing Infected... He just sat there and took his 1 death for a free win every match and free XP for surviving. I sent him a message, saying, "Nice 'legit' stats, ******." And he said nothing in return.


The guy is also ranked 13,000 in S&D, and was under 1,000 in Sabatoge (elite says he's not ranked at all in it). What do you guys think?