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[PS3] Recruiting for Veteranz (Vetz) Clan

Welcome to the Veteranz (Vetz) Recruiting Page

  • Console:
    • PlayStation 3
  • Operation:
    • United States. Central Time Zone (All other locations welcomed.)
  • Misc. Information:
  • About:
    • Before Veteranz (Vetz), the name used to be Numbers (No.) on CoD: Black Ops. It was created to organize a small or medium sized clan of gamers willing to learn, and offer advice to other players within the clan to create teamwork to win the match being played. It's highly dedicated to those who are very competitive and those willing to surround themselves with other gamers with similar skills.
  • Mission:
    • To create a clan helping other clan members become better than they used to be. Helping members by creating a perfect set of loadouts depending on their comfort level. To help members learn certain key strategics/tactics for each type of encounter. To better the odds of winning matches. To discover top of the line teamwork to help achieve victory in all sorts of gamemodes.
  • Requirements:

"You win some, you lose some..."

With that said, and the fact that I can't really see all of your stats, here's just a basic list of priority things I look for


      • Gotta Be Competitive - If you don't care about winning or losing then this clan isn't for you. If you wanna win games (you just love beating other people) then this will fit your attitude.
      • Must be Mature - No kids. Reason being... Things will be said during lobby/game chat that you (or your parents) may find offensive or will think is inappropiate, which i question their decision in letting you play this game, since it is rated M for MATURE. So yeah.
      • Activity - About 3-5 days of the week. (I personally prefer playing with active people. I understand you have other games you want to play, got social lives, work, etc.)


      • Mic (Optional) - Yet I highly think you should have one, so this clan is a little more interactive, than just playing along.
      • Elite Status (Optional) - Preferred, but I think they closed the ability to obtain it now. Not sure find out and you'll help this clan a little bit more. Not only that but you get perks along with it.



  • Member Information:
    • LeonLio
      • Plays around Midnight til 4am - 7am Central Timezone (US)