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Tired of inneffective defensive items...

I am tired of ineffective defensive items. The problem is so rampant that I consider the following items usually only a DETERENT which either completely fails to kill the enemy, completely fails to trigger, or after you kill the enemy to attempt to save your near useless 2nd chance lethal/strike package, you get killed by it...


Bouncing betties... You only get one and they are largely ineffective... Amazingly easy for enemies to go around... Same as claymores they are hard to hide...

Claymores... Slightly "more effective" but only if your enemy is completely freaking oblivious. Rather hard when you have gigantic freaking red lights glaring out of the God damned thing! Again, you only get one. I don't even see people blow these up anymore, they just go around them.


These two devices are becoming more and more LIABILITIES that end up killing me because they are so freaking useless, or just fail utterly 3/5's of the time. Is this Infinity Wards justification of quickscoping? BECAUSE THERE IS NO JUSTIFICATION OF EITHER IN MY MIND.


Then, as if that were not enough, the IMS is damned near worthless, while it doesn't kill it's owner 97% of the time, it does 50-60% or more of the time give enemies a free point.


The turrets are in a similar position, in that one flashbang, strategic cover and move, or flanking can all take this pitiful weapon out. The only good thing about it is it does USUALLY get a kill or two, but to put it in a safe place means losing it's better effect, quite often.


Stalker pro, and sitrep pro have both confounded the problem even further. The pro aspect of stalker pro is ridiculously OP. It's a free point every single time you see an IMS. It's a free kill on many snipers looking down their scopes (AS THEY SHOULD BE LOOKING DOWN THEIR SCOPES HARDSCOPING, THEY ARE SNIPERS...) Of course, grenades can easily disrupt claymores, although I haven't known of effects on bouncing betties. You get TWO flashbangs or concussion grenades. It means "offense" is twice as deadly at least because they can just guess where a lethal is.


These devices are designed to be near impossible to hide, I re-affirm. There's not damn point in having these items if they aren't going to help.


I am sick of my killstreaks being GURANTEED to be ruined because some imbeciles goes "RAWRKITTEHS" with stalker pro, sitrep pro, or even nothing and because these 3 main devices (bouncing bettie, claymore, IMS) are so freaking useless I should just commit seppuku because this world isn't worth living in to become a quickscoper...

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    Betties and claymores are not supposed to be ironclad defenses for your backside because you're too lazy or too scared to turn away from the doorway you've got your sights on. If you don't want to get shot in the back then be proactive in the way you defend yourself. "Patrol" areas and try to be more aware of your surroundings. The more you know about what's going on the less likely you'll get shot in the back.

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      You cannot patrol 24/7. Stupid arguement. The betties, claymores, and IMS all are pathetic. As if that were not enough, every single map is small so the "un-nice peoples" will endlessly assault you even IF you had a working claymore/bettie that killed ONE moron. Also, there are very few locations where there's only one doorway  guarding a so called "sniper" position. They are vulnerable to grenades,  C-4, tubes, SMAW, RPG's regardless!


      If you don't recognize this then you shouldn't have posted here. People should be required to at least fire some rounds into the objects to deactivate them, not run around like tree monkeys.


      Welcome to the real freaking world, if something goes boom 3 feet away from you your dead. People almost never use blast shield unless they are Riot Class, perhaps on Dominion.


      I don't care how stupid people are. If your so stupid as to run into my claymore every time, you should get some intellectual quotient. I am shooting from somewhere, ditwits. Cook a grenade, or throw a semtex, or even better, throw a C-4 and make me impressed.


      When every 13-14 year old imbecile that JUST runs and guns and gives no thought to anything gets past these "defenses", there's a SERIOUS hatred of hardscopers.


      But don't you worry Infinity Ward fanboys. We'll be leaving in droves to games with reality so you can have your utopian society of unrealistic warfare. No one likes noob tubers, but this has all gone too damn far.

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    Then stop camping and rush the enemy and kill them. We don't need stronger defensive items, we need stronger offensive ones.

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      Snipers camp. DUH DUH DUH. Saying what you two are saying is exactly why the hell there are quickscopers, the scum of the earth, right next to Striker noobs.


      There is no time while sniping that I cannot be killed by a good grenade. While I think ALL explosives should be buffed except for tubes for obvious reasons, people like you aren't worthy of being called human if you can't use that supposedly existent brain. You don't HAVE to kill everything. If you don't have something to buster bunk, get a life, grow some balls, and move on jack***.

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    OP, I think the root of your problems lie in the maps.  Their design is unbelievably lacking IMO, and I can think of plenty of reason why.

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    I use them more as an alerting device. You cannot rely on them so I always try to pay attention to the CLICK noise whenever it happens. I usually only notice the people with Stalker get past them though.

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    Quit crying + get good. Set it and forget explosives should not give you a kill the majority of the time.

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      Crying? Your the one who would be crying even though there is a solution to a "good claymore/betty/ims defense"; avoid them and C-4/grenade the sniper. DERP. Screw you for suggesting I am crying, go make me a sandwitch.

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        I am neither calling for a nerf or buff for them, so how am I crying?


        You say, "I cant camp super wtfbbq hard without watching two directions QQ. Can you pleez make that possible again cuz its imba like this!"


        Also I've never heard of a sandwitch, clarify please?

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          If you think the mechanics in the game are fine just as this is so very "fine" you're vastly mistaken... For whatever reason my spellcheck indicates sandwitch as a word, or this website is erroneously blocking the ability of spell check.


          Additionally, the elephant in the room being no one us saving a grenade/C-4 for the sniper, no one cares if there's a 50% chance you'll go the route the sniper doesn't have booby-trapped. I am using my brain 100% to lay these booby-traps; I get 0% investment because of imbeciles who have lobbied to make them near useless, and things like Stalker Pro, Sitrep Pro, Blind Eye Pro (IMS?/Sentry Gun).


          I cannot even effectively defend my but with a sentry gun I suspect... I've tried and it doesn't even bloody work on Bakarra's 2nd floor sniper post at the back. Why? Well blind eye pro, grenades? NO. They just flanked the damn thing the old fashioned way. Fortunately for them it was pointed out the window, not towards the door.

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    the best thing to do would be to play battlefield if you dont like the run and gun style of cod

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    I honestly don't care if you snipe or not. If you don't like how weak defensive equipment are, as they should be, then don't snipe and deal with it.


    I don't like quickscoping either, but hell, it's better than camping and sniping.

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    I completely agree with the Claymore, but not the IMS. You put that IMS around a corner, like close to a doorway and you'll get a whole team run through. I mean, don't camp by the thing, but hide it in a high traffic area. If it's in plain site though, you are right. Free points for whoever spots it first.


    As far as the Claymores and Bounce Betties go, I only trigger those when they are randomly hidden in the grass or somewhere completely unexpected. Always in the strangest spots like the owner just tossed them randomly. Hey, if it works though, it is what it is.

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    while I understand your fustration, betties and claymores have been substancually nerfed whem compared to their previous versions. Who remembers the claymores of cod4. They were good, sure near the time W@W was released they didn't get many kills but you couldn't sprint pass them or stun them, you either had to trigger them by damaging it or find another path which would have a claymore thanks to the fact that the perk was 2x claymores.


    I honestly hate that they not only limited everyone down to 1 claymore but also made them stunnable and easy to sprint trough.


    Now betties were great in W@W cause they fit in with there surroundings better than claymores(NO RED lights just a small rod sticking out of the ground.)


    COD is becaming the game where everything is easy and skill doesn't matter.(cause IW seems determined to eliminated the skill gap at all costs of game quality.)

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      Stop camping.


      Snipers should not "Hardcore Camp". Pick a useful secondary weapon (I suggest the MP9), get your snipe game on and do a little moving around. Wow, a raging camper wanting better items to help him camp. And I thought I saw it all.

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        I am not going to stop "camping", it is the definition of a hardscope sniper. The type of sniper that does not ruin the game, nor turns his rifle into a 1 shot kill shotgun at any range.


        You cannot have adequate time to kill people with a scope on this game without having someone kill you because of the ridiculous killcams spotting you out for anyone who has stalker pro, sitrep pro, or the persistence of the average call of duty "NO CAMPING YOU NOOB, YOU CAN"T USE YOUR BRAIN, I DON'T!". The MP9 is a wonderful weapon I have much over 2500 kills with, but I can't simultaneously have it and a sniper rifle ready, nor can I watch both doors or flanks. One claymore is only a 50% chance, yet they are the most ineffective of defenses. The only time I prefer claymores is if I can put them right by a car for a doubled explosian.

        I can't wait till I get rid of this game. 70% of the people in this game are not the type of persons I wish to play with, as they have no concept of warfare but only of "OMG THAT BE OP." Battlefield 3, here we come, once I can justify paying another 50$.

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    Oh no, they made the tools of people who hide in corners of the map less effective. I'm so sad about that.

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    Whaaa!!! I cant use the watch my back devices so I only have to look forward to get kills!!!! People have learned to avoid them or watch for them and thus not be killed by them!!! Thats not fair!!!! I want to only have to look foward and get kills!!!!! I do not want to have to watch my back ever!!!!! Your so called defensive items suck!!!!!!




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      All right, can you please just stop posting these troll posts?  It's getting to be really annoying.


      Back on topic, although I will agree that BBs/Claymores aren't always reliable killing tools due to Stalker/SitRep, they're still, at the very least, good indicators of an enemy presense (at least they were better than the Claymores in Black Ops that could be not only be completely avoided but turned to your enemy's own use without you ever knowing it with Hacker Pro).  Ultimately though, BBs/Mores were meant as a mere signal of flankers, not to do your job for you.


      IMS and Sentry Gun knife boxes are really small; I've missed a lot of stabs with them.  With that said, they can still be easily taken down with EMPs so placement is key.  IMSes should be placed in hidden-off corners of high-traffic areas.  They're good in tight maps with lots of hiding spots (Mission and Lockdown comes to mind; I've also used them effectively on Piazza).


      As for Sentry Guns, the key is to protect them.  They pwn in open combat; place them on high ground and watch as they rip apart 2-3 enemies at a time.  Use them to cover open areas while your team cover the flanks and support the gun.  They're still pretty luck-based, but when used at the right time in the right place they're by far the best of the three 5-pointstreak rewards.

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        Ridiculous ranting posts like the OP are just as annoying as my so called troll post.


        The BB and Claymore are not made to do what he wants pefectly all the time. He should not be trying to rely on them to protect his backside so he never has to look behind him or any direction but foward. Nothing in this game is made to do that and never should be.


        He should not be relying on equipment to keep him alive so he never has to move from his camping spot or never look around.


        To be good a sniper you have to have awareness of what is around you at all times, and not just face foward scoped shooting only as he probably tries to do and relies on the equipment to defend him so he does not have to stop what he is doing.