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Disappointed with the new riot shield too?

Well I decided I wanted to have some more fun with the game so made a just for fun account with my friend, and this way if we want to play objective game types I have an account I can log onto that I don't mind having objective based class setups on, in fact I'm really enjoying the change of pace.


To the point tho, I've been riot-shielding like a freaking mad man, I would say 80% of the time I've spent on that account so far has been riot-shielding. It's just so much fun using it and a tknife to get kills but also to help your team out. I can't count the number of times I've saved dumb teammates from rushing into the enemies strong points or camp spots by getting there first or just in the nick of time to stop the rain of bullets coming towards them, or times I rush the enemies strong point as a distraction while one or two flank them.


The issue I have tho is that the riot shield in mw3 is just infinitely worse and more broken than mw2. It's not like it's an easy 'weapon' to use and do well with, sometimes I can manage to go positive in a kill confirmed or tdm with just the shield and tknife but it's certainly no easy task. The first big issue are the bullet marks left on the shield obsucring and blocking your vision, in mw2 it took a while, but they did fade out. In this one, I have never seen them fade once, after about 3 kills you just can't see a damn thing with the shield making it almost impossible to protect yourself team mates or to get kills with it in mele fights.


The second issue, the riot shield now in mw3 seems stupid easy to shoot around I can't even count the number of times I've had people panic rush straight at me (and this is watching their lag free kill cam) and just hip fire me getting a kill. I'm not running, I'm not charging (which makes your hip stick out to shott) and they're not shooting at my feet, they're just straight up panic hipfiring me straight on and 90% of the time they get the kill. This is just one of the many way I consistently find my self dying and struck with the 'ol stupid WTF was that sh*t face. It's so easy to die with the damn thing, and it seems as tho most of the time there is nothing you can do to pro-actively protect and prolong your life.


The third thing I that I don't think should be left out entirely, but perhaps a bit of a tweak considering all these other hurdles the riot shielder has to overcome, just how much you expose your self when you make that charge to hit some one. When you make your smashing animation you expose so much of your self it's ridiculous, you have to be playing terrible people for them not to kill you in that moment, or just really have luck on your side.


The perks on the riot shield I hate to admit because I really like the way they're setup, but I think speed is really buggy. I've tried different combinations of setups and perks with both mele (speeding up the time between mele attacks with your riot shield) and speed (obviously, making you suffer less of a movment penalty with the riot shield), but the only one that seems to work at all is the mele one. Every time I put on speed and get into a fight with some one, every time my guy sort of locks on and charges them I do make contact I see the person's character that I'm hitting flinch and I hear the noise, BUT I get no hit marker, it's like there is some tiny barrier that stops us from touching. It's so consitent with that speed prof. too, every match I put it on I get in at least one fight where I just can't seem to make contact with the guy despite all the above mentioned signs. So I just equip mele, but the issue with that is you just move so slow and combined with the tiny bit of lag every game will have any good player can move around you enough to just shoot you in the sides of the ass since you move sooooo slowly compared to them. It's a big catch 22, either one you choose for the riot shield, speed of mele, you're f*cked (plus how slowly you actually bring a knife out to throw even with quickdraw pro, I die almost every time I take a knife out to throw lol.)


Take all of these things, combined with stuff like campers, and how much lag there is in this game, making it almost impossible to riot shield some matches because you just can't keep a shield actually between you and a gun, the riot shield is just so crippled and nerfed compared to mw2. I honestly die in mele fights to knives hitting my shield as many times as I die to people hipfiring straight at my shield, it's so broken. But let's not forget, it's already a damn riot shield, so why does it need to have so many other things working against it? I really honestly don't understand, I love using it, I love helping out my retarded teams, I really really do, and I like how much I have to put into it to do well, but in terms of how it's supposed to work and how it does, I think it's one of the most broken weapons, utilities etc.... in this game.


Any one else used it enough to help me out with your 2 cents? I would love to hear how your experiences with this new riot shield are going.

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    I've done the same thing recently. Set up a seperate account for stupidity such as riot shields, split screening etc and it's loads of fun but i agree, the riot shield could do with a buff. My main problem is it seems to easy to shoot through. I thought it was supposed to protect me but it seems if you unload a clip in to them they break and you die! (and i don't mean getting hit round the sides)


    Last night i got sniped in the body, head on with a riot shield and died!!!


    I've had it where i'm backed in to a corner with no route round my sides, been sprayed with a clip of p90 head on and it's broken and i die!


    This is why you don't see many people using it and those that do probably only do for fun or to nark people off!


    In my opinion, unless hit from the sides where you're open, the riot shield should be unbreakable in a head on fight otherwise there is no point in it.