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Article about Propaganda in Call of Duty

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    I first think its interesting you created an account just to post that question.


    I also know that the blurb is a joke of a stab at propaganda itself.


    And I think someone needs to get a life. Not only is your account brand new just for that link, the blurb is brand new, as well.


    You do realize, by the way, that Castro is NOT presented as a drug lord in the game? And you do realize that Castro did have at least one confirmed mistress, right?


    And the story that I just know you did not write does a terrible job of "disguising" your infatuation with a decidedly failed political ideology.


    Did you just get out of Berkley?

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    article wrote:


    The recent Call of Duty: Modern Warfare series has maintained a steadfast position of depicting the enemy as both Russian and Arab. Where you may control a Humvee’s mounted gunner and level an Arab city at a time when the Lancet Report estimated that up to almost a million Iraqis have died as a result of the illegal Invasion. Where you could choose to join a group of Russian terrorists as they execute hundreds of innocent civilians at an International Airport. Or later, where you must resist a Russian invasion of the United States, where key battles are fought with our protagonist holed up in The White House.

    Perhaps the most dangerous and coincidentally, the most subliminal, are references to certain peoples and races in the multiplayer. In Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, we can play against (or as) an African Militia, where the voice in your coms’ orders you to “Butcher them now, show no mercy”, depicting Africa as a dilapidated jungle, with primitive housing and the Africans themselves as emaciated street-urchins. With America and Europe’s dark historical relationship with Africa still ringing in our ears, is their any excuse to depict the country and its peoples in this shocking way? Or any other race for that matter?

    One of the more particularly spiteful elements of the Call of Duty series is its intent not only to help shape opinion on contemporary matters, but also historical ones. When JFK started bombing Vietnam in 1962, most Americans couldn’t point out Vietnam on a map, over ten years later a million Vietnamese were dead with children still being born today with terrible disfigurements as a result of Agent Orange. According to recent Gallup polls, up to 70% of Americans opposed the war in Vietnam, yet Activision allow us in Call of Duty: Black Ops to tear through the Vietnamese Jungle slitting the throats of the Viet Cong or, if we are lucky enough to control them in multiplayer, have a Vietnamese Commander in our ears ordering us to “Leave no survivors!” or that “Defeat will not be tolerated!”. This is all juxtaposed with the American equivalent wishing us to “Get back safe” or “Stick to the mission”.

    I have a few things I don't like about this article. Firstly, what is wrong with a Russian or Arab enemy? Our Russian fears are validated, we did go through the Cold War. As for the Arabs, they don't exactly like us. So why not do battle with someone who doesn't like us? Besides, they oppose modern thinking. As for this Lancet report, how do you know a million people died? In the mission "Team Player", yes it's set in Afghanistan but it is in the year 2016, so no report is valid. You do not "choose" to join a group of Russian "terrorists", you are placed there by your General. He says it's going to cost a piece of yourself, but think about everything you will save. You would trust your general, right? Yes, this mission is graphic to some, but nobody can say they ahve never killed a civilian in cold blood before. If you have played GTA, you must have ran somebody over once. If you have played Prototype, you have killed many civilians(non negotiable) This wasn't a CoD propaganda, this was Liberal propaganda trying to label Call of Duty as an evil product and will turn your children into psychopaths. So what if you have to hold off at the White House? When you invade, it makes sense to invade the Capital. We did that in CoD 4 as well in that unnamed Middle Eastern country with Al-Asad, before he leveled the place. For your Vietnam bit, the game isn't here to sell us that Vietnam was "right", it's an experience to make us have a good time set in the Vietnam theater.  For the multiplayer component, why wouldn't your commander say "No survivors" or "Get back safe?" What should the Commander say then?


    There isn't any propaganda in these games, plain and simple. Games like America's Army or that Special Forces yes, it was made by a government to attract people, but that is it. Treyarch and Infinity Ward weren't told by the government to recruit people, the same way hospitals don't tell tobacco companies to put people in hospitals, they just end up benefitting each other. Some people do think games like Black Ops are interesting and want to sign up, and coincidentally, a lot of gaming magazines have recruitment ads for, say, the U.S. Marines. That is just good advertisment placement.


    I think some people just overlook things and try to find some hidden meaning when in fact there are none.

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    Good read. Don't take that bashing too hard. Some people enjoy the state of denial.

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    I read the entire article and all I have to say is LOL.. People of this day and age are not so easily manipulated as they were during the time of the vienam war. Such propoganda techniques not not work nearly as well as the article likes to claim in todays age where individuals can easily look things up on the iternet to see what others see or think about it from all around the world.


    In that time period the US only had what the US governement said as true; but in today's world that is no longer the case, since the internet is not regulated. So the US government can not control what the masses see and learn as they did back then.


    This is just a game to me, nothing that happens or is said or done affects me in any way in how I see or tihnk or feel about people from other countries.I have no different feelings towards anyone of any other race just because of playing this game and never will. I am smart enought to be able to tell fantasy from reality and this game is just fantasy and nothing more, and anyone else with half a brain can do the same thing. I do not let what happens in a game decide anything about how I feel about a race or religion or government body. Only fools and tools do that.


    So what I really say about the article is this.


    OMGWTFLOLBBQBSROFLMAO at anyone that even attempts to take any of that as serious.


    Nice name to Seabass.. reminds me of some name from a horse or some old war movie...wait now it comes to me, one of the characters in dumb and dumber was called SeaBass.