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Skilled PS3 Free Agent Looking For Clan.


Nothing extremely serious. Im looking for an overall good clan. Nothing to big, but nothing with under 10 members. I've been in many other clans on xbox and PSN. Im a former member of KSI (xbox). I like to win and use team work. I play Kill Confirmed mainly, Search and Destroy, Domation and Headquarters. (Core) I have no desire to play anyother game modes.. But i'll play hardcore if needed. I only play on weekends, but usually play all night. Im on my 8th Prestige. Looking for a GB team too! Also one last thing, I like clans with objectives, a way to rank up in the clan. Such as getting the ability to recruit members and so on..


Kill Death: 2.03 (I Go For Objective.)

Win Lose: 2.07 (I think)

NOT a premuim Elite member. (Will be Soon)


GB Account: LiL_RaGEzz

No Mic, ATM (Will Have One Soon)