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MW3 DLC realese dates (probobly)

I've noticed that every dlc yet has come out on an tuesday and the march dlc will come the 13 march wich is also an tuesday and if I remember correct the game itself realesed on an tuesday AANNNNDDD the dlc "collection" will also be realesed on a tuesday, and the campaign mission is called "black tuesday" (I think IW likes tuesdays). it's been about 4 week between them so from this you can probobly figure out when the dlc will be realesed.

Here under I've made a list when the dlc have come out and when they probobly come out. And there are 22 drops and 5-6 in each collection means 4 collections and I've put double date when 5-6 drops has came out, which leads to these dates (can't be 100% right but it must be close)


January:       24

February:      21

march:       13/20

april:            24

may:          15/22

june:            19

july:           17/24

august:        21

september: 11/18