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PS3 clan now recruiting!!

Our clan is Sniper Studs (zSS), but it is most likely going to change. We are a group of regular players who are a bit above average. We don't focus on K/D but we still consider it a valuable resource. Winning and having fun is our main focus, along with leveling up our clan. When clan operations come back from where ever they went, we will be involved. If you want to join a try hard, quickscope, high K/D clan... that's not us. If you would like to join, message me! My PSN is CrazyKy_7

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    Hey, I see your clans recruiting. My clan Amaze Gaming is looking to build quick. Would you like to convert your clan to AG? We could use you in Amaze Gaming. AG is a clan for all types of gamers. We just started this clan today, although already have members! Joining today could get you a higher position in the clan! So please go to our thread and check our website.





    Message me for more information, if your not interested, i'll delete this comment, thank you for you time.