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Clans = hackers. =(


Hi everyone,

Just today I was playing the game and in several games I ran into people of the same clan. These people (or at least one of them) turned out to be HACKERS. Honestly I'm sick with these stupid parties of hackers ruining matches. Heck, I was in a lobby with two people of the same clan. Two guys can't be bad, right? WRONG. One of them LITERALLY got an AH-6 in less than a minute. And hardcore isn't out of this either. I've yet to see a group of people the same clan with a k/d of less than one in hardcore. I mean, come on, it can't be a coincidence, right? This issue has become so serious that I've decided to immediately leave the game or lobby once I see a clan in there. Sorry to any legit clans out there, but it's the logical step to take to avoid hackers. Sigh...

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    My only suggestion to you is, get better at the game

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    K/D doesn't coincide with hacking.  That being said, I have yet to play against a clan that wasn't hacking or glitching in some way.  Predator missles, UAV hacks, damage glitch, several people that don't die regarless of how many times you shoot them.  It is a common occurrence.  Usually when I see a clan they have a KD of at least 2.0 and are always hacking on top of using akimbo FMG9's.  It's really sad.  I've given them all a chance and they have all failed.  I will continue to play against new clans just to see what happens, but as of right now, they all seem to be cheating in some way and I have played several of them. 

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    complete fail. is this how you go thru life? someone beat you so they are obviously cheating.

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    look dude here is how it is ... you will always have the hackers in the game ... that doesn't mean that all clans that play together are hacking either ... there are alot of legit clans out the to play with ... i my slef have a 1.35 or something close to that as k/d ... because its over 1 .. and i run with CoV clan does this mean i am a hacker ??? or does it just mean as a team we are able to communicate and play better then you ??? i can tell you right now CoV DON'T hack ... everyone has good games and bad ones .. maybe you should try running with a group of non hacking clan members .....CoV/Cap'nSpaulding

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    this is some funny stuff here to say all clans are hackers is the funniest thing ive read all week. i doubt that this guy could tell the difference bettween hacks, lags, and his basic lack of skill its sad like diz 420 pointed out  most clans communicate and have played together through several call of duty titles as opposed to random " green guys" who if they even have a mic attached its only used to annoy other players

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    Are you serious? If you see a KDR of around 2.45 or above, in hctdm, then get suspisious. But over 1 is very normal. You're in cloud cuckoo land my friend..

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    People telling you to get better is kinda funny, but you don't exactly explain if the guy just all the sudden had AH-6 with him even he didn't have the amount of kills requires, remember hardline can be used as well.


    Just because someone gets high streaks fast doesn't always mean they're hacking, they can just be really good and get very lucky.


    But yea I can't really judge since I've no idea about any specific info.

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    Your idea that all clans hack is completely off logic.


    Logic: Clans like good players. Clans pick up good players. These good players have high KDRs and are most likely more experienced and better than you. Then they beat you. I will say the amount of clan-FMG9ing has gotten simply outrageous though.

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    Did I run into you yesterday? I was partied up with one other clan member and in the pre-game lobby, someone looked at my KDR and raged because it was above 2.00. Even though some clans hack, there are a huge amount of non-hacking clans.


    On the regards of the AH-6 in under a minute, he probably got lucky. I've gotten pavelows in just over a minute because of hardline and lucky rushing and going against bad players. Does this mean I hack? No, I hate hackers.


    Maybe if you put the tag of the clan you were talking about, someone here can fill you in if they are a hacking clan or not.

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