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what classes do you use

i have tried many combinations and my favorites are mp7 extended mag and rapid fire, slight of hand, quickdraw, and steady aim

my other is CM901 supressor kick, XM25, betty, stun, recon, hardline, dead silence, uav, ims, persision airstrike and revenge


that leaves 4 other class spots that i dont use

any sugestions?

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    You can look at my classes if your interested. I also love the pm-9 rapid fire surpressed with scavenger, hardline and steady aim. Super fun.


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    Only been playing HCHQ since it got released and I have 3 classes set up


    AR + RDS and M203


    Semtex/C4 and Trophy system

    Blind eye, Assasin, Dead silence

    UAV, Ballistic vest, Remote sentry

    Final stand



    Model/Spaz + range + extended mags


    Semtx/C4 and  Trophy system

    Blind eye, Assasin, Dead silence

    UAV, Ballistic vest, Remote sentry



    and when I just was mess about


    Riot shield + melee

    Duel FG's

    Throwing knife and concussion

    Blind eye, Hardline, Dead silence

    Extreme conditioning, Assasin, Sitrep


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    I use just one class for all maps and modes except hardcore.


    CM901 - Attachments w/ Silencer + Extended Mags




    Blind Eye Pro

    Assassin Pro

    Stalker Pro


    Care Package

    Predator Missle

    Final Stand


    My hardcore class changes up only the primary and secondary to:


    MK14 - Attachments w/ Grenade launcher + ACOG


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      nice why the cm901. i love it but many people say it is terrible. i have another discusion on that gun.

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        The CM901 is the best AR in my opinion for my style of play. I can hit hard even at a distance with the silencer which is key, I also find it to be the second most accurate at long distances with burst fire. Even at close to medium distance I can take out 2-3 players quickly. It isn't amazing in anyone aspect but overall it does above par in most situations if you keep your cool and execute with patience. I like to move around a lot and blind eye means I only look to the sky to stinger something for a killsteak, Assassin lets me ignore if the enemy UAV is up, and Stalker gives me increased mobility with a gun that has slow RPM so that I find evens that out, and cause im always on the move only concerned about enemys noticing me if they actually see me I need a gun that kills quickly where ever I may be which is always changing. No other gun is as usuable in every area of the map, if you stick to one area there may be a better gun, but for me there isnt.

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    I've used like 3 classes in the last week, this is my most used.


    Barret 50.cal w/ Extended mags and speed proficiency

    MP9 silenced

    Throwing knife



    Extreme conditioning


    Dead silence


    I almost always use specialist as well.

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    I always have at least one of each:


    CQB Class: SMG that I need to complete challeges with during that particular prestige (right now its the PP90M), akimbo semi-auto pistol (right now its the P99), with Semtex and Flash Grenades, while using Extreme Conditioning, Hardline, and SitRep. Assault Killstreaks


    Sniper Class: Sniper Rifle (Dragunov), silenced pistol (P99), with Bouncing Betty and Trophy System, while using Blind Eye, Assassin, and Marksman. Assault Killstreaks


    AA Class: Assault rifle (M16A4), Javelin, with Semtex and Flash Grenades, while using Blind Eye, Assassin, and Sitrep. Support Killstreaks


    I mainly play HC TDM so with these classes I feel I'm pretty much prepared for most situations.

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    Whenever I'm not doing too good online, I find myself falling back on this class.


    FAD w/ Suppressor and Kick

    P99 w/ Suppressor



    Portable Radar


    SOH Pro

    Assassin Pro

    Dead Silence Pro


    Specialist Pointstreaks: Quickdraw Pro, Marksman Pro, Scavenger Pro

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    Total of 8 once I get far enought into the prestige here is how they end up, At the begining of each prestige they are a bit different set ups trying to unlock the pro challenges and maximize weapon xp leveling.

    3 different assault rifle classes with varying guns typically M4A1, Scar, and ACR

    1: M4A1 SOH, Quickdraw Marksman with support AUAV Stealth EMP/ Care package drop

    2:  Scar Recon Hardline marksman with lower tier assualt killstreaks Preadator Attack copter reaper

    3: ACR Scavenger Hardline Marksman with higher tier killstreaks predator reaper and either ac 130 or pave low

    4th class is my stealth anti air class and never gets used as a primary

    ACR silenced blind eye assasin marksman with stinger as secondary


    The sequence essentially repeats with 3 SMG classes only difference is using SOH on all then a combo of assasin, blast shield or hardline in 2nd slot and steady aim in # 3 SMG choices are pp90m1 ump and p90


    My last class is the LMG with soh/recon quickdraw stalker support streaks

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      I like your classes. They seem matched up really well regards to different game types.

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        Thanks I tried to come up with a good combo for different situations, game modes, who we are playing against etc. I have improved my game play drastically in the last couple months and this was a big part of it. I was negative 2500 kills from 1.00 at the start of January now I am 1200 kills over 1.00 with a total of over 30k kills. Learning to play without assasin as a crutch really opens up some great options in the second slot.


        I should add I use range and silencer on all smg's then focus/extended mags on all AR's with the exception of the ACR, attachments silenced/ext mags I find it is the only AR that does not suffer drastically with silencer.

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        i aggre with you. I usualy play core but i will try them anyway

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    I take a lot of names with this all day. Once you get used to it, the Death Steak isn't even necessary.


    Primary: MK-14

    - Multiple Attatchments

    - Red Dot;Rate Of Fire


    - XM-25


    Lethal:Throwing Knife
    Tactical:Concussion Grenades


    Tier 1 perk:Blind Eye
    Tier 2 perk:Assassin Pro
    Tier 3 perk:Marksman


    Kill Streak:Specialist-Quick Draw Pro, Slight of Hand Pro, Dead Silence

    Death Streak:Deadman's Hand

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    I've really enjoyed the following setup as of late:


    PM-9 + Range + Rapid Fire (hip-fire only; never ADS)


    – Sleight Pro / Hardline Pro / Steady Aim Pro
    – Assassin Pro / Scavenger Pro / Dead Silence Pro


    The PM-9 SUCKS if you try to ADS. Don't even bother; it's completely worthless. Conversely, it probably has the BEST hip-fire range in the game. With Steady Aim, you'll be hip firing at targets upwards of ~15 yards away. Similar to the PP90, the base damage is pretty mediocre, so you'll want Rapid Fire. For maps like Piazza, this is a pretty beast gun. Just remember: never ADS; force yourself to only hip-fire... and have fun!

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    my classes only differ on the primary weapons. so

    Primary Weapons

    -AK47 with extended mag and suppressor

    -SCAR with extended mag and suppressor

    -MK14 with rapid fire and suppressor

    -Type 95 with rapid fire and suppressor

    -Barret .50 with extended mag

    -MP7 with suppressor and red dot sight

    -FAD with suppressor and extended mag

    -Striker with grip and range proficiency


    the rest is usually the same

    -P99 with suppressor


    -concussion grenade

    -blind eye


    -dead silence

    -final stand

    -care package

    -predator missile

    -attack helicopter

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    MP7, range, ext, mags


    SOH, hardline, steady aim (all pro)

    semtex, flash

    assault package, CP, pred, chopper


    I think this class is a good all around class for any game type on any map. With the exception being liberation. For that it is basically the same set up but with an ACR and quickdraw instead of hardline. I run ALOT so steady aim is a must for me to even have a chance in a one and one.