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Beer, weed and MW3. (A hello to the forum, from a waster) :)


Removed my Moderator


My stats are so low, activision had to lend me a shovel so I could see them.


Here's a list of a few of my 'Epic fails' whilst under the influence.



Tried to RPG an enemy helicopter while in the subway on Underground.


Ran past 2 enemies in a corridor (lockdown), whilst shooting at my team members and

throwing flash grenades at them.


Threw semtex at a car, then got blown to pieces as I tried hiding behind it.


Stood trying to smash a sentry gun (our own) and being killed in the proccess.


Tried to plant a claymore on a team members head as he was sniping, prone.


Stood on air-drop marker and got flattened by crate.


Thrown air-drop markers (many times) when I've been in a building\underground\under cover.


Bounced package crate off wall and killed team member.


Threw a grenade, ran into it's path and got killed as it blew a car up.


Flash-banged myself, just before running into an enemy spawn point.


Placed a sentry gun facing outer edge of map in Bakaara.


Used 'Dead-man's-hand'next to oil barrels, killing team member.


Called in Predators and Air-strikes on myself, (many times).



Any clans looking for a beer swilling lazy git with a crap kd ratio......gimme a call.



See you on the battlefield. (I'll be the one running around like a headless chicken.)


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